$500 OFF Prep Expert Coupon & Promo Codes

$500 OFF Prep Expert Coupon & Promo Codes

Pick up the Code and immediately Save $500 OFF Admission Consulting Course at Prep Expert

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If you are seeking the latest Prep Expert coupon, discount, promo code then you find the right place. Here we rounded up not only Prep Expert coupons but also had comprehensive information & reviews about Prep Expert to you. That’s would be great to take a look before deciding what we should buy, from how they develop, products features, how to find Prep Expert coupon code, and even how to use them. All you need is here below.
Firstly, we will see how Prep Expert is founded.
Prep Expert is a 21st-century test preparation company that specializes in online SAT, ACT, and GMAT prep. We offer full-length live online courses, prerecorded video courses, private tutoring and more. With Perfect Score Strategies℠, 99th Percentile instruction, and industry-leading guarantees, Prep Expert is leading the way in the future of online test prep.

1. About Prep Expert

Prep Expert website: prepexpert.com

Meet Shaan Patel

I grew up in my parents’ urban motel, attended inner-city public schools in the worst school district in the nation with a 40% dropout rate, and was clueless about standardized tests. But through focused preparation, I was able to raise my SAT score from average to perfect — which changed my life! I was admitted into prestigious universities, won a quarter-million dollars in scholarships, and even got to meet the President of the United States. I was also a National Merit Scholar, a Coca-Cola Scholar, a Toyota Scholar, and on the USA Today All-USA High School Academic Team.

Now, I’ve created Prep Expert (Formerly 2400 Expert) to help other students achieve their dreams! Prep Expert is the nation’s fastest growing test preparation provider. We offer 6-week SAT & ACT preparation classes in 20 cities around the country and online — some are even taught by me! Many of our students have gotten into the Ivy League, won millions in scholarships, and some have even gotten perfect SAT/ACT scores themselves.

I am currently in residency at Temple University. And I’ve published nearly 10 books, including some #1 bestsellers on Amazon for SAT & ACT Prep and just published my first self-improvement book Self-Made Success. I also recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and closed a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban. You can watch the episode here.

Appearing on Shark Tank in January 2016, Prep Expert has proved their name is not just a normal name. Then They have become the fastest growing test prep provider. And they’re just getting started.
That’s very impressive with a company just started in 2016, it’s going to develop more powerfully in the future.


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2. Main Courses at Prep Expert


It all started when Shaan Patel launched Prep Expert’s first 6-Week Flagship SAT Prep Course in 2011. Since then, after appearing on Shark Tank and netting a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban, Prep Expert has become the world’s fastest growing test prep company. With most of our SAT Prep Courses backed by our incredible 200-Point SAT Score Improvement Guarantee℠, enrolling your student is a no-brainer.


Since appearing on Shark Tank and winning a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban, we’ve grown to offer to some of the best online ACT prep in the world. With courses accompanied by our incredible 4-Point ACT Score Improvement Guarantee℠, enrolling your child has never been easier.

  • SAT & ACT Tutoring
  • SAT Tutoring
  • ACT Tutoring
  • Tutoring
  • Biology
  • Calculus AB/BC
  • Chemistry
  • AP Comparative Government & Politics
  • A-P English Lit/Lang & Composition
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • A-P Microeconomics
  • AP Physics I/II
  • A.P Statistics
  • A.P U.S. History
  • AP U.S. Government & Politics
  • AP World History
  • SAT II
  • S.A.T Biology
  • SAT Chemistry
  • S.A.T English
  • SAT Math Level I/II
  • SAT U.S. History


Prep Expert offers elite college admissions counseling for undergraduate, graduate, and international applicants.

We offer a highly personalized, confidential process where you work directly with an expert Admissions Counselor for every component of an application, from the initial strategy sessions to interview preparation. Also, We work with applicants from a wide range of academic backgrounds, including applicants who may have significant weaknesses that need to be addressed in an application.

In order to make admissions consulting more affordable, our prices are well below market rate for experienced Admissions Counselors.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Advising on class schedule, extracurricular activities, and summer internships.
Creating a timeline for all standardized tests in accordance with individual needs.
Strategizing for the application process (such as for letters of recommendation).
Selecting the right schools to submit applications.
Reviews/edits of all statements, essays, resumes, and online applications.
Preparation for interviews.
Advising on acceptances and financial aid offers.
Our mission is to help get you to get accepted to the best school(s) possible!

3. How to use active Prep Expert promo code at Best product lists

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Pick up the Code and immediately Save $500 OFF Admission Consulting Course at Prep Expert

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Pick up the Code and immediately Save $400 OFF Self-Paced Courses at Prep Expert

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4. People Also ask

Where I can find Prep Expert coupon?

You can easily get Prep Expert coupon at Couponupto.com. Simply, access this site, click the coupon code and check out at the store.

What is the structure of their SAT & ACT Classes?

Their 6-Week Flagship Courses meet for 6 hours of class twice per week, with a 4-hour exam each week. A total of 60-course hours. So, 4-hour exams are intended to simulate test-day conditions in order to help students build the stamina they need for the actual exam. In addition, homework is assigned throughout the course for students to complete at home between classes.

How much are their courses?

Their 6-Week Flagship Courses typically start at $1,099, which works out to $18 per hour for course time. Please note that they have dynamic prices, and they may rise due to demand and start date; therefore, you’re recommended enrolling as early as possible to get the lowest price!

If not, you can save more money by using a coupon code/ discount code of Prep Expert at Couponupto.com.

When should my child take an SAT/ACT Course?

As soon as possible! Students who take their classes as freshmen or sophomores typically get the highest SAT/ACT scores, go to the best colleges, and win the most scholarships. It’s also beneficial to take an SAT course before October of your child’s junior year so that they score high on the PSAT in order to become a National Merit Finalist (equivalent to $100,000+ in college scholarships).

Where Are their Locations?

They conduct SAT and ACT prep courses both online and in several in-person locations across the United States. So, to see if there are any Prep Expert courses running in locations near you, please select “Locations” on the applicable SAT or ACT search pages.

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