Protect Yourself: 4 Women's Self-Defense Tips You Should Know

Protect Yourself: 4 Women's Self-Defense Tips You Should Know

Many women feel wary of their surroundings at the best of times. As a matter of fact, twice as many women than men are fearful of basic life situations like jogging alone at night or having a maintenance person come over when they're alone at home.

While some of these fears are reasonable and others are sparked by society, it's important for women to know how to defend themselves in case of an emergency. Learning how to protect yourself can make you feel safer in uncomfortable situations and it could end up saving your life.

It's important to note that women shouldn't feel responsible for not being attacked. These are tips to keep yourself safe.

Keep reading for 4 women's self-defense tips that could be lifesavers.

1. Stay Visible In Public

When out and about, many women grow uncomfortable as the sun goes down. We're inherently scared of the dark and not knowing who or what is lurking in the shadows would make anyone uneasy.

When you're out in public, stay in areas where people can see you. This means avoiding quiet alleyways and opting for busy public squares, even if that means taking the long way home.

Attackers look for vulnerable people. The more isolated you are, the more vulnerable you look.

2. Learn Vulnerable Areas

Speaking of vulnerability, it's important to know where you should aim should you have to defend yourself against an attacker. Some of these things are obvious like the groin and stomach, but there are several simple moves you can use on the eyes and nose that will incapacitate anyone trying to grab you.

Learning these things can help you get out of a bad situation quickly without being educated on self-defense moves.

3. Take a Self-Defense Class

If, however, you want to be educated on self-defense moves, take a class! There are so many self-defense classes offered to all genders, and they'll help you learn how to defend yourself against attackers without being super strong or fit.

These classes will teach you simple techniques to get away from people who want to cause you harm. You'll feel safer by knowing them.

4. Arm Yourself

Some states don't allow any kind of useful weapon to be used, but if you keep things hidden and only use them in an emergency, you should be okay.

These weapons don't have to be extreme. A small knife, mace, or a stun gun can easily fit into a purse and be used should you encounter a scenario that requires it.

Even if you never end up needing to remove these things from your bag or pockets, knowing that they're there can give you more confidence when you need to go out alone.

If you're not comfortable arming yourself, at least bring a loud noisemaker (like a whistle) with you to alert anyone nearby.

Keep These Women's Self-Defense Tips In Mind

In a perfect world, no one would need to know how to defend themselves. There would be no physical assaults on anyone and people could get along.

This isn't the case currently, so knowing these women's self-defense tips could be the difference between life and death. Walk around with confidence by learning self-defense moves, staying within eyesight, and keeping something on hand that could protect you.

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