[Updated For Halloween] PureVPN Reviews – The Most Perfect Combination Of Premium Add-ons

[Updated For Halloween] PureVPN Reviews – The Most Perfect Combination Of Premium Add-ons

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About PureVPN

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After an experiment to find internet security against hackers, PureVPN was created in 2006, refined to provide complete privacy to users so they can enjoy complete internet freedom with complete peace of mind.

In 2007, Pure VPN was launched its service internationally. They are committed to providing their users a safe, secure, and anonymous tool by which they can surf the internet and enjoy an unmatched browsing experience.

PureVPN has carried three core values that define its purpose and the services it delivers for customers’ satisfaction. These values are

  • Quality
  • Freedom
  • Choice of Connectivity

money-back guarantee

They have self-managed of 300,000+ IPs, 2,000+ servers in180+ locations around the globe to support its vision, 100% zero log policy,and a 31-day money-back guarantee; PureVPN offers seamless access to contentwhile ensuring users’ anonymity.

Footprint Covers 180+ Locations

Things you would love

PureVPN Carries Experiences The Fastest VPN Service Ever!

Whether it’s high-speed streaming, browsing, security, filesharing, or privacy; you get everything with PureVPN!

Access Content

Movies, TV shows or sporting events; PureVPN allows youinstant & unrestricted access to your favorite content.

Security & Anonymity

Your privacy is guaranteed with anonymous VPN IPs,military-grade encryption, and a global network of VPN servers.

Blazing-Fast Speed

A drop in speed kills the joy of everything, which is whyyou need dedicated high-speed VPN servers for every purpose.


PureVPN Customer Reviews

Published by Gary Eberle

I switched from Nordvpn to PureVPN and what a great decision! I used the chat to have some questions answered. My CCTV cameras work now (they didn’t with nordVPN) and I understand more about VPNs because this is something I have only used for a few days.

Published by Alireza

Only Daniel was so great and helpful to assist me several hours and caused not only I am a PureVPN customer but also caused me to persuade a lot of other people to switch to pure VPN So much Appreciate you, Daniel

Published by Mark Pearce

Excellent software, I use it because I work from home and my privacy is very important to me, so PureVPN stopped the eyes from looking in, without this software I don’t know where I would be. Thanks again. Mark.- CEO – cpanelhoster.com

Published by Millie Chobert

PureVPN has been consistently excellent for years (bar one minor glitch during an update, but uninstall/reinstall was all it took). The several modes to choose from are a nice touch for people who aren’t very computer savvy and getting to choose your cover country allows you to tailor your content.
Thanks, PureVPN!



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