Qustodio Alternatives: 7 Best Parental Control Apps Like Qustodio

Qustodio Alternatives: 7 Best Parental Control Apps Like Qustodio

Qustodio is one of the known parental controls apps used for monitoring and tracking children's activities. Are your children safe online? Or are they surfing some inappropriate content on the internet? Qustodio provides all in one solution for parents and families to know what their children have been doing on their devices.



Qustodio parental control software offers features such as apps management, content filtering, screen time management, social media monitoring, location history, tracking call and text messages with weekly and monthly reports.

But once in a while, parents may prefer to switch their parental control monitoring software if they are looking for a change. So, in this post, I have come up with the 7 best parental control apps like Qustodio, reviewing their key features and pricing options. If you're looking for Qustodio alternatives, read them below.

7 Best Qustodio Alternatives

Here are the 7 best qustodio alternatives for establishing parental controls on your children and families.

  1.  Fenced.ai

Fenced.ai is one of the best parental controls software that you can use for tracking and monitoring your child and family's activities to ensure children are safe from the threats of the online world.

Fenced.ai can effectively monitor all the activities such as text, SMS, contacts, and call history, set time limits, and block inappropriate apps. Parents can check their children's internet browsing history as well as the apps installed on their devices remotely.

The alert system in fenced.ai gives alerts whenever they enter a restricted location, i.e., geofence feature, and whenever any threats are imposed on them. It is compatible with both Android and iOs devices.

Key Features of Fenced.ai

  • Keylogging to track keystrokes
  • Monitor photos, videos, and contacts
  • View location history
  • Track social media apps
  • Screen time usage with detailed reporting


Basic Plan- $ 1.17 / month

Standard Plan- $ 5.83 / month

Premium Plan- $ 8.33 / month

  1.  Bark

Bark is one of the popular and best Qustodio alternatives. This parental control app offers a solution to all your concerns about your children's online activities. It helps in effectively and efficiently tracking and monitoring all their online activities, which apps they have been using to secure them from digital dangers.

Bark parental control software helps parents remotely monitor their child's devices and is compatible with android and ios devices, laptops, and PC. With the 24/7 monitoring feature, parents can get instant alerts if some threatening activity is detected on their devices.

Key Features of Bark

  • Track calls and text messages
  • Screen time management
  • Social media monitoring
  • Content filtering and blocking
  • Email monitoring


Bark Premium- $14 per month and 99$ annually

Bark Jr- $5 per month and $49 annually

  1.  Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is the next best alternative for Qustodio. This parental control software offers a wide range of features if parents are looking for Qustodio alternatives. With Kaspersky Safe Kids, parents can protect their kids by monitoring their online behavior, tracking their activities, and overall, ensuring their online safety.

KasperSky Safe Kids offers parental control solutions to manage devices of any size. Parents can monitor their child's screen time; if they use any alert keywords it provides them a real-time notification. It is available for android, ios and windows but is most functional in android devices.

Key Features of KasperSky Safe Kids

  • Apps usage and management
  • Blocks access to unsuitable apps and content on the internet.
  • Manage and schedule screen time limit.
  • GPS tracking
  • Provides safe search for Youtube


A free version is available for Kaspersky Safe Kids, whereas the premium version costs $14.99 for an annual plan that includes added monitoring specs.

  1.  Famisafe

FamiSafe parental control software lets parents track their child's activities and safeguard them from any harm imposed online. This all-around featured app completely manages all your family's devices providing you their activity reports on apps usage, web browsing history weekly and monthly.

Whenever children surf the internet and social media, they can encounter undesirable content or search for inappropriate stuff. Famisafe effectively lets the parents know what their kids are doing online through a real-time notification in the FamiSafe Dashboard.

Key Features of FamiSafe

  • Web content filter and block
  • Social media activity history
  • GPS and family tracker apps
  • Geofence alerts
  • Explicit apps and content detection


Monthly Plan- $10.99 / Month with the protection of 5 devices

Annual Plan- $60.99 / Year with the protection of 10 devices

Quarterly Plan- $20.99 / Quarter with the protection of 10 devices

  1. ESET Parental Control

ESET Parental Control software is easy to use and a fascinating parental control solution for parents looking to track and monitor their children's mobile activity and whereabouts.

ESET Parental Control provides detailed activity reports on children's apps usage, installed and uninstalled apps, and can even see their active status on apps. ESET Parental Control lets parents access all the features to track their child's application usage and online history through its easy control panel.

Key Features of ESET Parental Control

  • Manage screen time for apps and online surfing
  • Offers web guard and safe search on the web
  • GPS tracking and Geo-fencing alerts
  • Monitor devices remotely
  • Battery protector for battery prolongation


$29.99 Per year

  1. mSpy

mSpy is one of the excellent alternatives for Qustodio. mSpy parental control software is a powerful tool that can be used as a tracking app for your children's online activities and mobile usage 24/7. mSpy tracking and monitoring software help to keep all your child's activities in control by accessing all their mobile usages with activity reporting overviews.

Moreover, mSpy works in total stealth mode, so the targeted device doesn't know that they are being tracked. Once you install it in the target phone, you can monitor your child's device location, track messaging apps such as whatsApp, Facebook messenger, Kik, Tinder, Viber, Snapchat, and many more.

Key Features of mSpy

  • Screen Recording feature
  • Keylogging
  • Geofence and geolocation tracking
  • Monitor internet activity.
  • Track calls, contacts and sent and received text messages.


1 Month – $48.99

3 Months – $27.99

12 Months – $11.66

  1.  Mobicip

Mobicip is a great parental control software to track and monitor your children's virtual behavior, how much they use their devices and alerts parents if any suspicious or dangerous threats come.

Mobicip allows parents to view all their child's sent and received text messages, limit their access to social media apps usage by setting time limits, tracking their internet browsing history, and collaborating with your child to watch and improve their online behavior.

Key Features of Mobicip

  • Monitor and restrict explicit content and adult websites
  • Social media monitoring
  • Monitor calls, SMS, and text messages
  • Track location and create geofence alerts
  • Get parenting advice from experts


Standard Plan- $4.99 /month

Premium plan- $7.99 /month


Nowadays, using parental controls has been essential due to the increasing cybercrimes and online exposure of children to the internet. Whether it is tracking their online activities or keeping them safe from online hazards, parents should be responsible for ensuring their children's safety.

For proper surveillance and monitoring of their children's activities, parents can use the above-mentioned parental control apps as Qustodio alternatives. There is no harm in trying for a change, so go for it.

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