5 Reasons Why RLCraft Is Not For Everyone

5 Reasons Why RLCraft Is Not For Everyone

Minecraft is an open-world survival game developed by Mojang Studios with endless creativity and construction capabilities. Players can create everything they want in the Minecraft world, from ordinary houses to the greatest cities, nothing is impossible with Minecraft. To make a challenging Minecraft world for Minecraft players, a YouTuber – Shivaxi has made RLCraft, which is a Minecraft Modpack. The RLCraft Mod list includes more than 120 separate mods and they still have been bundled and tweaked more by RLCraft author. If you haven’t played RLCraft before, we suggest you download RLCraft game and experience it, then come back to us. In our opinion, it is a very challenging and interesting survival game. But, RLCraft mod is not for everyone who plays Minecraft due to many reasons.

1. Surviving in RLCraft world

It is an exciting prospect to play open-world games, but be prepared; this world in RLCraft is crueler than you thought. Although you have already prepared yourself a RLCraft guide, asked teammates to join your RLCraft sever to help you to survive, this game is still one of the hardest Minecraft modpacks to play. If you haven't figured out what RL means in  RLCraft, it is about Real-Life. It takes you many times and effort to survive in RLCraft. You not only have to worry about hungry, but you also must pay intention to thirsty, temperature. You will be surprised of your inability to punch trees to collect leaves. To make a campfire, you have to pick leaves, cut grass, dig the ground to make your first RLCraft cutting knife, then you can break flint into RLCraft flint shards. Moreover, most RLCraft Beastiary can kill you in the blink of an eye if you're not adequately geared, and things like brutal winter weather and scorching summer days will kill players who don't pay attention.

2. Manlet steps

It’s getting dark, and you will need somewhere to rest and avoid being attacked by RLCraft monsters such as aberration, aquatic, arthropod, avian, beast, brute, demon, dragon, elemental, imp, plant, undead, and worm. At this point, you have two choices, building your own house or walking around to find a free basement in danger. In some situations, these luxury mansions include RLCraft diamond armor. But you are not as lucky as you thought, it is a catch. You don’t meet the requirement to wear this armor. In real life, you can’t just put on expensive clothing to become a better person. This game does it too.

3. RLCraft Leveling

For almost parts RLCraft, the leveling system in this game is completely bothersome. Because everything this game does is to make sure you have to spend lots of time on farming to get experience. So you can reach the level to wear the diamond armor you found two days ago!minecraft

4. RLCraft Health Mechanic

RLCraft mechanic is different from Minecraft, it takes your health and slits it into many parts: head health, body health, left arm health, right arm health, .. But once you lose all your head health, you die immediately regardless of the health in other parts of your body. But if you take damage anywhere else, you'll incur a debuff, such as Mining Fatigue for arms, or Slowness debuffs for legs and feet but this won't happen because all the monsters in this game mostly aim at your head all the time. RLCraft dragons can turn you into KFC as soon as they saw you with a breath that go directly for your head.

A more important thing that your health is not regenerating despite having a full hunger bar. You need to make sure to keep your Head and Body healed up in order not to be wiped out by monsters quickly.

5. RLCraft Monsters

RLcraft also has a ton of different mobs, ranging from very bizarre to world catastrophe, most monsters will come and attack you but there are a few exceptions. For example, the dragons will constantly one-shot you, if you have a fire-resistance it will try to capture you, if it catches you, you will die instantly. But if it catches you and you press left Shift it will release you. So in addition to going and hitting it, you also sometimes need to press Shift. But it is not easy to calculate the right time to press. A RLCraft player can be bombarded hundred times in their gameplay by these Fire Dragons. To survive through these attacks, players need to wear RLCraft Dragon’s Eye, which gives permanent Fire Resistance. But it is not easy to find a Dragon’s Eye in RLCraft world.

Next, we have Giant Sea Serpent, it is a dragon but it is underwater. By calling “Sea Serpent”, RLCraft wants to make you think that you will be safe on land. Trying to travel nearby water, you have a high chance to meet one of them then was slain by a Sea Serpent.

And finally, we have Elemental mobs. And they operate on a very annoying mechanism, which means they only spawn under certain conditions, like wildfire, lava being crushed or you burrowing and an even worse example is dragons because it has two ways to attack you is to use fire and explosions, this will cause elemental mobs to spawn, so not only you need to kill the dragon but you also have to deal with a bunch of Elemental mobs. But if you kill too many of these Elements will create chaos energy and cause Mother Nature to hire hitman assassins to deal with you, until you die.

The challenging adventure of RLCraft open-world won't be for everyone to play but the increased difficulty and reworked mechanics will appeal to experienced players that have already mastered vanilla Minecraft and are hungry for more. The fact that RLCraft is brutally tough only makes it even more rewarding and satisfying to overcome its obstacles. Once you start to develop strategies that you can use to counter the modpack's antics, you can finally begin to conquer this beautiful, terrifying world as a skilled master. To have a better experience of playing RLCraft on Twitch or Technic launchers, you can install RLCraft Shader and RLCraft Texture Pack. Of course, watching Shivaxi's beginner's RLCraft guide video and visiting RLCraft wiki will be the first things you need to do or prepare to die, a lot. Will you be giving it a chance to be a name in your greatest games for Black Friday 2020, or are you intimidated by how difficult it sounds?

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