How To Redesign Your Logo For Greater Success In 2022

How To Redesign Your Logo For Greater Success In 2022

Modern trends literally force the owners of large companies to create a new logo or update it. Yes, the old logo of popular companies remains recognizable, but at the same time it loses part of its main functions, namely to advertise goods (services) to new consumers who have not yet had time to use the company's goods (services).

It is not necessary to create a new logo, since the old logo contains a certain brand history, and is also recognized by regular customers, it is enough to update it so that it would look favorably against the background of modern logos. At the same time, there are many different ways that will help give it new colors, as well as certain features that will allow it to revive and make it more modern.

Why is rebranding needed?

The companies regularly develop and expand their areas of activity, as well as enter new markets. In order for the logo to reflect the idea of the company as much as possible, it is necessary to update it regularly. Of course, there are companies that do not seek to develop, however, as world practice shows, in the future such companies lose the trust of regular consumers, which ultimately leads to its closure.

One of the important components of the rebranding is updating the company's logo and giving it a new shape, content, color scheme and other elements that will reflect the development of the company, as well as attract the attention of customers. There are many ways to update the logo, but in the process of updating it, you should leave part of the past logo in order not to lose brand awareness.

You can update the logo and make it unique using the following methods:

- Giving bold and bright colors,

- Creating Animation and 3-d visualization,

- Creating a new logo with layered elements,

- Updating and minimizing the existing logo.

Bold and bright colors

The easiest way to give the logo modernity, as well as to allow it to stand out against the background of competitors– is to give it additional brightness. With the help of bright colors, it is your logo that will be the first to catch the eye of potential buyers and will definitely not remain unnoticed.

At the same time, these can be specific colors or directly corporate colors, which will be given a brighter shade. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to make drastic changes, which will preserve the original version of the logo, as well as its history and the history of the company.

Animation and 3d visualization

Such a logo change will allow consumers to tell a certain story of brand development, as well as convey a certain message to them. Not a little important factor will also be the fact that such logos will not cause irritation to end users, but on the contrary, they themselves will want to finish watching the story (fully consider the 3d logo). The more attention they pay to it, the more likely it is that they will remember it and eventually make their choice in favor of the company whose logo they remember.

At the same time, the original logo can participate in the animation, which will allow loyal consumers to take a fresh look at the brand, its products and services. It is also worth noting that particularly successful animated logos can be sent in personal messages on social networks, which will also serve as an additional, and most importantly, free advertising of the brand.

Layering of elements

This option is an excellent option for rebranding, given that companies do not stand still and offer their users new products and services, as well as merge with other companies.

You can directly combine several logos into one, layering certain elements and geometric shapes. The number of final options is limited solely by the designer's imagination, as well as the wishes of the company's owners.

An important point is that the new logo may be based on the company's logo, which is familiar to many consumers, which has its own history, and will also transfer part of this history to the new logo.

Updating and minimizing the existing logo

In modern times, it is quite difficult to imagine a company that will not have its own website or a page in a popular social network. It is difficult to place a large logo on the Internet, which is why many companies, when rebranding, reduce the existing logo in order to make it the main photo on the website or on a social network in the future.

This method allows you to increase brand awareness, which further has a beneficial effect on the company's final profit. At the same time, a small logo can be placed on other sites (business cards, newspapers, the street and other places), which allows for more active and less expensive promotions. After all, the more often a consumer sees the company's logo, the more trust it causes him.


Rebranding is a rather complex process that includes many different activities, but changing the logo plays a significant role in this process. It is the logo that is the face of the company for the end user. With the help of it, the consumer has an initial idea of the brand, its products (services), as well as its quality and reliability. The logo also plays an important role in brand advertising, which is why it is necessary to pay special attention to the creation of a new or modernization of the existing logo.

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