ReFa USA Reviews

ReFa USA Reviews

About ReFa USA

ReFa USA gives a total spa treatment in one handy device. This brand began with the conception of a single beauty roller. Their simple designs of roller devices are based on the aspect of bodily sensation that can end up overwhelming the skin with stimulation. They develop their products by taking everything into account including subliminal stimuli, and conducted several tests & adjustments, such as the angle & positioning of the roller itself, down to the last 1/100mm.

All ReFa products are designed with a built-in solar panel to capture light & generate microcurrent. This allows you to conveniently care for your skin on a daily basis with cutting-edge technology that doesn’t require any battery charge.

Refa Collection

  • face & body care
  • skin care
  • inner care
  • face care
  • body care

Outstanding features at ReFa USA

High-quality products

Best & Unique designs

Reasonable price

Excellent customer service

Fast delivery

No hassle return

How to use Refa Carat

ReFa USA reviews from customers

“Very good cream.

I use it with my caxa ray. The cream is more moisturized than the face-up cream and i feel it fits my skin more since I do want it to be more moistured.” –
Jiaxu Gao

Also the packaging is very luxury, so Im thinking to buy one for my mom as a gift.

“Love it, I use it myself every day. I was that I could have made it a gift and they asked me to try it and tell all. It is awesome! It is for the whole body. Morning and night, and you will be happy to have one.” – Kitty

ReFa S CARAT RAY – Nguyen’s review

“This feels so good on my face! I’m super excited about the long-term benefits. My face feels really soft. My eyes have a serious problem with dark circles. After using it for about a week, I feel like it is improving.”

ReFa CLEAR – Kiko’s review

“Mar 20, 2019Well worth the money! The pores are also smaller and fewer blackheads. Before buying it, I did lots of product research on different devices but ended up with ReFa clear. I highly recommend this product to you.”

ReFa S CARAT – Wenyu Zhu’s review

“Looks exactly like the picture. Hard to find facial rollers of this good quality….. I ordered this one during weeked and the delivery is pretty fast…I am so happy with the nice gift wrap. My sister loves this and so happy with refa roller.”

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