Retro Makeover - How To Pull Off The Best Nostalgic 90s Look

Retro Makeover - How To Pull Off The Best Nostalgic 90s Look

Let’s face it, in the world of fashion, very little is entirely original. Designers and trendsetters will always look to mine old looks and styles and maybe add some embellishments before ushering in a new line. 

Nostalgia sells, and we all like a touch of retro when it comes to our wardrobes. The easiest and cheapest way to secure a great nostalgic look is to pick up some accessories that really evoke that era you are trying to recreate.

The 1960s threw up many fashion trends that have come and gone countless times over the past few decades, the 70s similarly so. The 1980s were a time of massive fashion statements that still make an appearance on the catwalk and in stores.

When it comes to retro fashions, one decade that is very much making, yet another, comeback is the 90s. For whatever reason, it’s a time in fashion history that seems to almost haunt us.

To help you pull off the best nostalgic and fashionable, 90s look here are a number of great accessories that will achieve your goal.

Choker Necklaces

If there is one look that has the 1990s written all of it, then it’s a choker necklace. If you happen to watch any of the classic shows from this era (Beverly Hills 90210, Buffy, etc.…), then a scene won’t pass without the main character sporting a choker.

To ably combine the 90s look and feel AND retain a foot in the present, then why not opt for a pearl choker as these are hugely popular right now.

Bucket Hats

Yep, these are back. Bucket hats were never flattering, but for some reason, they are a staple of the 90s look that is now back in vogue. Again, these were omnipresent in popular culture in the 90s (Clueless had a host of them), and they are easy to combine with most outfits. 

You can either go simple or try to give the look a twist; either way, it seems to be a look that people like. Go figure. 


When it comes to 90s sunglasses, you could consider getting a pair of cat-eye sunglasses or something similar, and when it comes to glasses, you will do well to pick up a great pair of Prada glasses to complete your retro look. The good news is that they are nowhere near as expensive as you might think.


Want to keep your hair in check with a minimum of fuss? Then make sure you have a bunch of scrunchies to hand. These were massive in the 90s and if you want to make a retro statement, then try to get some luminous ones or any that are in as bright and garish colors as possible. 

Never has a fashion accessory been quite so informal and basic as a trusty scrunchy.

Head Scarves/Bandanas

The likes of Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey pushed the sales of bandanas to their limits in the 90s, and to be fair, as far as accessories go, these are very versatile and can be very handy to have in your possession at all times.

You can use them to keep your hair in check or just tied to your bag as a style statement; an added bonus is that they are inexpensive and adaptable.

Chunky Footwear

Who knew big sneakers would be a fashion trend, well apparently everyone! Popular in the 90s and still super comfortable and on point in 2021. 

The latest designs of your favorite brands almost certainly have more than a few options that include thick heels and usually some additional detailing involving very bright colors. 

Mini Bags

Does it get any cuter than a great mini bag? In 2021 it’s very much all about massive oversized bags, but perhaps it’s time to take it down a notch. Mini bags were big in the 90s, and everyone had one, or at the very least a belt bag or fanny pack. 

The idea here is to go small but make it count. You’ll need to be sure it fits the rest of your outfit. Be brave but smart. 

Butterfly Clips

If scrunchies are a basic way to keep your hair from behaving, then a trusty butterfly clip is a step up. These fun hair accessories are once again selling in their millions, so you need to get yourself some. 

Not only are these aesthetically pleasing they’ll also make sure your hair remains in the style you left the house in. 

Plaid Shirts

Yes, this one relates to the grunge portion of the 90s nostalgia you might be looking to recreate. Perfect to go with Doc Martens and a slip dress, with the plaid shirt buttoned, tied to your waist, or even a skirt. 

Plaid fashions were prominent in the 90s and are an item that recalls the era perfectly. You can look to complete such a look with a band t-shirt and some cool shades.

Ripped Denim

Another common 90s trend and one that you can definitely pick up in a thrift store, some ripped denim jeans. You can either pick up a pair of deliberately stylized ripped jeans or do the ripping yourself. 

But be careful, don’t overdo it; otherwise, you’ll only have a pair of short shorts left to show for your efforts.

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