Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse III: Powerful Inspiration For Penises.

Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse III: Powerful Inspiration For Penises.

What is the Pulse III?

First, my boyfriend wanted to have awesome penis masturbation, so then I recommended him to try one from Hotoctopuss: Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo. Here below is two major things you should know about it.


First, let’s see what is the Pulse III. Yes, a Pulse III is a comfortable vibrator for penises. According to, it’s called “guybrator”, but it can be beneficial for women with penises or enlarged clitorises, nonbinary people as well.
Secondly, you need to know rather than vibrating, Hot Octopuss achieves the rumble by rapidly swiveling and oscillating just like Eroscillator.

High-quality power doesn’t come cheap and it’s often loud, for that matter. But a 6 out of 10 is impressive by our evaluation. In fact, when you get fisted or do with a dildo the circumference of a soda can, you will have no idea that was screaming like I’m pushing a baby out. So for this case, a 6 is not different than a 10 which is the kind of orgasm that makes people with pennies jealous and almost wish to end up their male privilege. Anything that lets a penis experience a 6/10 without any plus effort is worthwhile spreading the word.

“Using the Pulse III was kinda intense,” my boyfriend said. “It wasn’t just orgasm, but also the build-up. It’s like edging, but more constant and simpler to maintain.”

How to use the Hot Octopuss Pulse III

To against the frenulum of the penis, Hot Octopuss is designed perfectly ergonomic for holding the oscillating plate. There are “wings” wrapping around the boy but don’t expect them to too much unnecessary stimulation. Their use is to keep mostly the vibrator in place with less effort. Now you just need to lay on the bed and enjoy ”the moving”.

Please don’t get wrong, the Hot Octopuss Pulse III is definitely not a stroker.
My boyfriend uses the Pulse III while stretching his frenulum, pulling his foreskin, and stroking his shaft with brief movements. His penis’s head, meanwhile, rubs on the texture on the inside.

Because the vibrations are so strong that Pulse III veil his usual masturbatory moves, he doesn’t use long strokes with it. Instead of vibration strengthening the typical jack-off movements, the small strokes enhance the vibration.

You can have just as much fun using it while flaccid as when erect, that’s called the beauty of not a stroker.
Using Pulse III in this way can substantially grow the sexual repertoire of someone with erectile dysfunction.

Comparison with other strong vibrators

Compared with Eroscillator, The Pulse III plate’s strong vibrations are easier to aim, and at the same time, more comfortable to hold against my boyfriend’s penis. In contrast, the Eroscillator seems to wobble and was too pinpoint for my boyfriend to aim at the area he wished.

Also, BMS Factory is used, and it’s honestly earth-quaking. Its price is the same as the Pulse III, with comparable vibrations. But there is a problem with measuring up to the Pulse III’s ease of use and my boyfriend decided to give up.
Definitely, you could use an ultra-rumbly wand for the same purpose, but the Pulse III was far more intuitive to hold in the right position.

You’re just wasting your time for two phallic things together, believe me, they just kind of roll against each other. Adding some lube, and you’re in Slick City. My boyfriend got frustrated trying to have the best experience with Swan Wand on his penis and gave up.
Lube doesn’t ever get in the way when trying to hold Pulse in position.
Instead, it provides a special sensation, allowing the textures on the inside of the vibrator to coast against the penis.

If it is a conventional external vibrator, it can’t get him off, but the Hot Octopuss Pulse III can. This is a real change for people with penises seeking out a new route to orgasm.
(Unlike the piece of shit known as the MysteryVibe Crescendo, and it actually works.)

Controls, settings, and charging

Let’s see how Hot Octopuss Pulse III be controlled.
I highly appreciate the 3-button control panel: one to turns their toy on/off and cycles through the patterns, a second one to increase the speed, the last one to decrease. Plus, if you hold the “increase” button, it turns on “turbo” mode, i.e., quickly switches to the fastest steady vibration. I bet you will like it. And with 6 patterns and 9 speeds to combine, this’s going to be a new toy for you.

Although the Pulse III doesn’t come without quirks. First, its buttons are harder than I would wish. Sometimes, I would think I pressed the button, but nothing would happen. And second, it’s the first time that I’ve been annoyed at a magnetic charger. I’ve never had a problem with one before, but the Hot Octopuss Pulse III’s charger is kind of fiddly and doesn’t easily stay in place.

You would have 1 hour of playtime with 3 hours of charging.
One thing I really love for this toy is the chager style makes the toy 100% waterproof.

Reviews from others customers

Overall verdict on the Hot Octopuss Pulse III

After the great experience, my boyfriend has no word with this Hot Octopuss Pusle III, but it’s kind of luxury item that he would never shell out the cash to buy himself, yes, definitely! it’s so different and can’t replace the long motions of a jack-off in the long run. That’s the main point totally fresh and novel!

And if you want to have more compact and affordable penis vibrator, You can not skip Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse or Pocket Pulse Remote. The Pocket Pulse uses common vibrations instead of oscillations without any horizontal ridges on the inside. But you don’t have to consider so much about it, Hot Octopuss’s motors are generally very powerful, even without PulsePlate Tech.

If you have a budget and you’re looking great stuff to treat yourself, though, the Hot Octopuss Pulse III’s Oscillations are fitting of the price tag. With strong vibrations and a solid design that yields orgasms many people with penises only image.
All you want from Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo masturbator to the remote-controlled “couples” Duo set at

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