[Reviews] GiveWP - Discover A Reputable Fundraising Tool

[Reviews] GiveWP - Discover A Reputable Fundraising Tool

Donations can be accepted using beautiful forms with the help of GiveWP, a sophisticated fundraising tool for WordPress. The comprehensive capabilities of this plugin make it an excellent upcoming holiday’s choice for professional fundraising efforts, such as registered charities, political campaigns, crowdsourcing, and more savings.

GiveWP's free core edition imposes no limits on how many donations you can receive. It's common for website owners to go with the free version of WordPress, but 45 free and paid add-ons can considerably improve its usefulness. 

Outstanding Features of GiveWP:

Compatibility with third-party applications and extensions. Constant Contact and Mailchimp are excellent email marketing tools connected to GiveWP. It's also compatible with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, another option (NPSP). 

To Donate Is To Give:

Donor information may only be accessible through the payment gateway itself if a fundraising solution is a gateway to a payment processor. You can see all of the information about your donors if you use a PayPal donation button for coupons.

Taking a Closer Look at the Donation Process:

GiveWP provides Real-time reporting of all contribution activities. There is a summary of donations, donors, and refunds at the top of the reports page. Between any two dates, you can select one of the following options: "Day," "Week," "Month," or "Year." Currency is another way to narrow down the scope of activity.

Setting & Tools:

The GiveWP plugin provides many settings for forms, payments, emails, and more on its settings page. The general settings page allows you to specify your default nation and state and the WordPress pages to be used for the success, failure, and history pages, respectively.

Donation Website Can Be Improved with Add-Ons:

Create donation forms that look great, collect donations via Stripe and PayPal Standard, and keep track of your donors using the main version of GiveWP. It is a good starting point for many donation initiatives, but additional plugins can further expand its capabilities.

Customer Reviews:

 Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform

GiveWP performed admirably right out of the gate. The WordPress integration was excellent. When starting a new "race," one had to become used to the system, which was very simple for a novice. Amanda in GiveWP support was there when it was time to find a coach.

GiveWP Discount and Deals:

GiveWP discounts and Coupons are currently unavailable. But if you purchase PRODUCT using the link on this page, I will offer you access to a premium training session that normally costs $49 at the deal.

GiveWP FAQs:

Do you know how to utilize the GiveWP plugin?

GiveWP is a free WordPress plugin that may be used for online fundraising. Navigate to the "Plugins > Add New" section of your WordPress dashboard. Afterward, look for GiveWP in the WordPress plugin repository. Choose "install" and "activate" when you locate it.

What's the best way to link Stripe and GiveWP together?

Please go to the following location: "Donations> Settings> Payment Gateways> Stripe" To connect to your Stripe account, click on the "Connect" button. You can then follow the on-screen instructions to link your Stripe account or create a new one. 

How can I link my PayPal account to my GiveWP account?

Using the following steps, you can link your Donations account with PayPal. Click "Connect to PayPal" after selecting your country from the "PayPal Donations" menu. From the GiveWP settings, you can connect straight to PayPal. To connect to PayPal, click on the PayPal button.

How to Contact GiveWP?

Hello there, and many thanks for stopping here. Before resending the email, please allow us up to 72 hours to answer. No guest posts are allowed on this site. If you use that email address to contact us, your message will be treated as spam for upcoming holidays.


That much is clear to me now that I've given it some time to prove itself. The programmers have made producing professional donation forms easier and have included numerous elements aimed at fostering personal connections, enhancing customer loyalty, and boosting contributions. Donors and donations may be tracked in the reporting section of GiveWP.

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