Riley Keough Pays Stylish Tribute To Grandma Priscilla With Retro Bangs

Riley Keough Pays Stylish Tribute To Grandma Priscilla With Retro Bangs

Granddaughter of legendary musician Elvis Presley, Riley Keough showed off a striking new hairstyle inspired by her iconic grandmother Priscilla Presley. The actress is well-known in the entertainment industry for her roles in movies and television shows that have resonated widely with audiences.

Keough shared photos on her social media from a panel event for her television series Under The Bridge. Her long blonde locks were styled with statement bangs that paid homage to her grandmother's retro sense of fashion. The contouring fringe drew attention to her facial features in a flattering way.

Celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend was responsible for Keough's transformative barnet. The bouncy bangs recalled Priscilla Presley's look from decades past and complemented Keough's natural good looks. She radiated confidence posing for pictures at the event.

Keough's makeup look accentuated her natural beauty. Celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh opted for a minimal yet striking application. She enhanced Keough's piercing emerald eyes with complementary eyeshadow shades and black eyeliner. A subtle dusting of rosy blush and bronze highlighter warmed up Keough's complexion and cheeks beautifully.

In my opinion, the simple makeup let Keough's stunning new hairstyle take center stage. The natural colors emphasized her features without distraction. It showed confidence to let her innate good looks shine through with light application.

Her outfit continued the understated yet polished aesthetic. A layered white top worn underneath a cropped red sweater paired perfectly with form-fitting black pants. In my view, the monochrome colors maintained focus on Keough's statement bang hairstyle. Stylish touches like stacked necklaces finished the put-together ensemble.

Fans lauded Keough's ability to reinvent retro elements for contemporary audiences. By paying homage to her iconic grandmother Priscilla Presley through her striking fringe, she showed creative flair. The refreshed hairdo balanced nostalgia with modern sophistication. Admirers appreciated Keough putting her unique spin on throwback trends for a new generation to appreciate.

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