Rogue Royalty Reviews: Great For Dog Lovers

Rogue Royalty Reviews: Great For Dog Lovers

About Rogue Royalty

Rogue Royalty puts their canine family first, a world where they extend their love beyond dogs into love for the earth, environmental consciousness, sustainability, ethics and good old fashioned built to last quality. They’re off beat, they think and do things differently…in fact, they do things a LOT differently. They aim to produce the finest quality products possible. They’re not a business, they’re a movement for improvement, they push boundaries and challenge the way people have been conditioned in their approach to canine husbandry and health.

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Things you would love

Their gear is highly practical, durable and awash with quality. Whilst they cater for all dogs large and small, their specialty is working with large powerful types and breeds such as bull mastiffs, Cane Corso, rottweilers and German Shepherds. Working downwards so to speak is a lot easier. That being said, their products range from slimline, heavy duty and our SupaTuff range caters for all dogs large or small.

Their all natural shampoo is pure and made with natural oils, with no fillers or additives. Crafted on coconut oil as the base, it is safe for use on dogs, horses and humans. Their all natural treats are a ground breaking world first product specially created by them to benefit your dog. Their treats are an air-dried offal jerky and green tripe jerky which have been enriched with natural herbs that serve to fortify your dog’s immune system. Their RAW FOOD is a premium natural range of fresh frozen product. Rogue Royalty don’t support intensive farming and believe that feeding your dog a raw diet provides optimum health as this caters to the needs of the canine.

Customer reviews

Published by Lisa Hannaford

Awesome quality. I am very confident the harness will not break while my large heavy dogs are on the ute and when walking. Great product, quick service.

Published by Anita Rachelle Roe

Cannot beat the quality of these products. The purple super tough range is spot on for my Amstaff and I have faith that her harness won’t snap and fall apart. The buckskin collar we have for our Aussie Bulldog stands the test of time also. We will never need to purchase another collar or harness. As for their grooming range, the shampoos are brilliant!

Published by Jackie Hoenig

Service is impeccable
The way we were spoke to about the different proteins they went out out and beyond .We weren’t rushed . Definently will be going back and highly recommend these guys .

Published by Rudolf Keil

Rogue simply is the best in my opinion, all my friends dig the gear on my dogs. I own two African Boerboels and ive worked out that Rogue Royaltys works out to be cheaper in the long run because the quality and durability behind their products, and trendy too.
As long as they continue being this good. Its Rogue for life!

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