7 Most Romantic Hiking Trails In The US 

7 Most Romantic Hiking Trails In The US 

Most people prefer the popular cities like New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, etc. Yes, the US is really charming. However, if you want to avoid the modern city and immerse yourself in nature, this country offers many hiking routes that pass through national parks and reserves. There are over 300,000 km of hiking trails in the United States, and the American Tourism Society is working to create new hiking trails each year.

1. Appalachian Trail

This 3,500 km tourist route covers parts of the country from Georgia to Maine. The trail passes through six national parks, eight national forests, and 12 states of the country. Those who decide to conquer the Appalachian Trail get the opportunity to go through various forests and admire the multifaceted landscapes of the country from picturesque landscapes with oaks and evergreen vegetation to semi-desert terrain.

2. The Boulder Pass Trail

This route in Montana is intended for experienced tourists – its length is 48 km. If the travelers don’t feel strong enough to continue the hike, they can turn back at any control point and spend time visiting a dating platform, for example. The trail goes along the shore of Kintla Lake and also turns into the Glacier National Park. In addition, there are branches along which you can get to Lake Bowman and Rainbow Falls. Nature there is charming – fjords, obstinate streams, lakes, and emerald meadows.

3. Pacific Ridge Trail

This route is most attractive for those who love hiking in picturesque mountain ranges with extensive coniferous forests and deep-sea turquoise lakes. The length of the Pacific Trail is over 4,200 km. The trail begins at the Mexican border and passes through California, Oregon, and Washington, ending at the Canadian border.

4. Mailbox Peak

Recently, the trail was changed because the old track was dangerous. At the beginning of the trip, everything will be nice. You will find many streams and bridges. After that, the route will make the muscles of your legs burn but when you reach the top of the mountain, you will be rewarded: the view from the peak is simply amazing. Tourists usually take a letter with them to drop it in a mailbox on top in memory of their hiking experience.

5. Baskin Gulch in Utah

This trip involves the passage through the deepest canyon in the south-west of the country. With a width of 3 m and a depth of 122 m, this gorge is like a huge funnel. When going along it, you should definitely take into account the weather forecast because this place can be very dangerous for tourists in the rain. During rain, the water level in the canyon reaches 6 m in a matter of minutes. Cliffs perfectly polished by winds and rains are the walls of this canyon. The length of the entire route is approximately 12 km.

6. Greenstone Ridge Trail

It is located in the territory of Isle Royale National Park and extends for 65 km. Before starting your hike, you should catch a ferry from the mainland, which in itself makes this hiking trail interesting. Moreover, a hike along the trail allows you to see the wildlife of the national park, including wolves, moose, and deer.

7. The Ice Age Trail

The Ice Age Trail is located in Wisconsin, which is believed to have been beneath a 300 m layer of ice. Today hiking along the trail will give you the opportunity to see some postglacial objects, including lakes, potholes, and boulders. You will probably travel along the same path that was used by the mammoths. The trail stretches over 2,000 km and includes state parks, deserts, and country roads. The trail has several campsites and shelters for the night.

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