Rules Of Wearing Statement Jewellery

Rules Of Wearing Statement Jewellery

Jewellery is worn to make your look more attractive. For ages, our ancestors have invested their time and money in creating marvellous pieces that still look out of the world. The handcrafted designs on vintage jewellery are incredible.

The designs of that era are just mesmerising. The artisans of that time were so skilled to create some extraordinary designs with bare hands.

Since then, jewellery is considered a status symbol. Gold, diamond, platinum, and silver are some prominent metals to create jewellery. With changes in technology and the choices of people, jewellery designs have also evolved a lot now. Unlike vintage and antique jewellery, people are also interested in unconventional designs now. These jewellery pieces add an X-factor to your look with just a single item. This type of jewellery is called statement jewellery. It does a lot without itself being too much.

However, there are some rules to wearing these modern jewel pieces. Following these simple tips can make you a style diva among your family, friends or people at your workplace.

  • Less Is More:

The most important and simple rule of wearing a piece of statement jewellery is to keep it to the point. You should be clear in your head regarding your look. Adding unnecessary items makes you look tacky. It is better to keep it minimal. A single piece of statement jewellery is enough to create a buzz. All you have to do is to choose the item that elevated your outfit and personality.

  •  Keep It Simple:

Many people make the mistake of choosing designs that make you look extra. Statement jewellery in no way means to look too much. It simply means that your statement jewellery should complete your look. Choosing simple, elegant and timeless designs is a better approach in the long run. You can invest in vintage designs for artsy pieces. The antique jewellery holds an unexplained royalty. The rest depends on the occasion and your budget.

  • Don’t Overdo It:

A piece of statement jewellery is complete in itself. You don’t require any other jewellery item after wearing such a piece. Overdoing it will only ruin your entire look. Layering and stacking up jewellery items is not advisable at all. For example, a simple pearl earring can do wonders if worn correctly with the outfit that compliments them. In the process of styling yourself sophisticatedly, just remember to keep your look striking with a mantra called simplicity is the best compliment. Crowding your necks, arms and ears are not going to help you anyway. 

  • Balance It Out with Dainty Jewelry:

While wearing some big chunky piece, it is necessary to drop the idea of wearing any other jewellery item alongside. Whereas, while opting for minimal designs you always have an option to layer up these small pretty pieces. Stacking rings, bangles, and neck chains with small charms have been in trend for a while now. A small pendant chain looks gorgeous with choker neck chains. Pisa stacking bracelets are also advisable for such dainty jewellery ideas.

  • Wear Pieces That Compliment Your Outfit:

When choosing your jewellery, the most important step is to analyse your outfit first. It’s better to decide on your jewellery based on your outfit rather than choosing an outfit based on your jewellery. You must have a basic sense of fashion i.e what jewellery looks best with the specific clothes. To stand out, you should always wear jewellery that compliments the theme of your look for that particular day or event you are going to attend.

  • Allow Your Statement Pieces to Shine:

If you want your jewellery items like some big diamond pendant or bold necklace with an antique design to stand, you must choose a simple outfit. Your statement jewellery will only take centre stage if your outfit is not so eye-catching. Avoid floral prints, big patterns or embroidery outfits. Choose monochrome dresses, and small prints instead. The only rule is to consider your statement jewellery first, the rest like makeup, accessories and clothes fall into place accordingly.

  • Choosing Earrings Wisely:

Earrings are the most important accessory that holds the ability to change your appearance. If worn correctly, earrings are all you need to wear. It’s not necessary to always add necklaces, rings or bracelets. Always choose your earrings according to the shape of your face. Then choose the colour and size based on the outfit you are going to wear.

  • Rings, Nails And Colours:

Another accessory that’s enough to grab the eyes around your ring. Many people are unaware of the fact that a ring can make a big difference to your look. So here we are clearing the fact that rings revolutionize your OOTD. A statement ring whether it be a signet ring, vintage ring, cocktail ring or some quirkily designed ring, all are much-needed statement jewellery items for your special date nights. The next most important part is to style your nails accordingly. Choose the colours in contrast with your ring. All the three factors like nail paint, ring and the colours of your rings must complement each other.

  • Consider Your Outfit Style:

The sole purpose of wearing a piece of statement jewellery is to make everyone’s head turn towards you. So, another rule of wearing statement jewellery is to check out what is the category of your outfit. Is it formal or casual? Are there any patterns or prints? Is your statement jewellery according to your outfit style? These simple yet important questions will make it easy for you to choose the best-suited jewellery item.

  • Have Fun with Bracelets and Bangles:

If you are not much into necklaces and chains, you have the option of playing with bracelets and bangles. Cuff bracelets look fantastic with almost every kind of look. You can wear it along with your skirts, jeans or even traditional clothes. Similarly, stacked bangles are a great option to exaggerate your appearance without adding too many jewellery items to your body. Check out the charm bracelet for instance. Have you explored the beads and pearl bracelets? The twist of modern with traditional designs is worth a try.

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