Ryders Roam Fyre Eyewear Review: All The Lens Tech In The World

Ryders Roam Fyre Eyewear Review: All The Lens Tech In The World

About Ryders Eyewear

Ryders Eyewear is known as one of the best eyewear brands today.Ryders Eyewear has been established by Brent who is crowned Canadian Champion.This safe eyewear is targeted to provide cyclists of all stripes with high quality, performance-oriented eyewear that they wouldn’t hesitate to use, especially in the most destructive conditions. That’s the reason why they researched & created safety sunglasses that provide exceptional protection, great styles, coordinated colors, and superior fit.For over 30 years, RYDERS has stayed true to Brent’s vision.

These deep roots in the Northwest are of vital importance to who we are today. Not only are we still headquartered in North Vancouver, but our overwhelming sense of community—in our backyard and afar—our drive for adventure, and our love for providing like-minded people with hard-working gear are unstoppable forces.Today, we are known as an offbeat, gritty brand with authentic roots. We speak directly to those who take pride in their adventurous lifestyle and their practical, yet highly spirited approach to life.

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The things you would love at Ryders Eyewear

Grilamid TR90 is, without question, the best frame material for sports eyewear. It’s highly flexible, ultra-durable and extremely lightweight, making our frames very accommodating, comfortable, safe and long-lasting.

The veloPOLAR™ lens is fine-tuned to give road cyclists the benefits of a polarized lens, without the compromises. It’s the ultimate in clarity, definition and fog resistance, and the first lens specifically developed for road cyclists.

Each and every pair of RYDERS are built using manufacturing methods, tints, finishing and coatings of the highest quality. They also use polycarbonate lenses, the same material that is used in bulletproof glass and astronaut helmets. And this high standard is just our starting point.


Whether you’re grinding through a tight, twisty climb or simply stopped at an intersection, fogged lenses are an inevitability for many of us when wearing sports eyewear. The RYDERS antiFOG lens is the ultimate solution to this all-too-common problem—and you don’t have to take our word for it. See the growing list of published antiFOG reviews in our News section.

The back of the lens has a military-grade, hydrophilic layer. The layer absorbs and disperses water vapour/humidity throughout the material, eliminating the opportunity for it to condense on the surface as fog. RYDERS antiFOG will absorb more than any other fog-resistant treatment and it’s far more durable, never requiring reapplication.

The fronts of the lenses need to overcome an entirely different set of challenges than the backs, so it only makes sense that they’re treated independently with a hydrophobic coating. It defends against saturation by shedding water to provide a clear view, free from large drops and water marks.

Like all RYDERS lenses, antiFOG lenses are decentred, making them optically correct to reduce distortion and eye fatigue. They’re impact-resistant, scratch resistant, and provide 100% UV protection. They even come in a variety of lens tints and premium lens technologies such as Photochromic and veloPOLAR™


When the sunlight changes, the tint changes. The science behind it is complicated but the result is as simple as that. Each Photochromic lens contains millions of organic molecules that react to UV light. When exposed, the molecules change shape, absorbing light and making the lens darker. When there is less UV light, the opposite reaction takes place and the lens tint becomes lighter. Like all of our lenses, our Photochromics are impact resistant and optically correct with 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection.

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