Comparison Review: RZ Masks Vs N95 Masks

Comparison Review: RZ Masks Vs N95 Masks

Masks are important and popular among ATV riders, motorcycle riders and hikers. This article will compare the basic differences between N95 masks and RZ masks and explain the reason why we should replace N96 masks with RZ ones.

While the N95 does have its place in your preps, I want to go over some of the benefits of adding a couple of these RZ masks to your preps.
Durability: N95 masks are 1-time use and can get damaged easily. Whether you wear the N95 for a half hour or 8 hours straight, once you’re done…it’s done. The RZ mask filters will last up to 60 hours depending on the exposure levels.

Because the RZ mask itself acts as a barrier to the filter, they are less likely to get damaged or wet. But if it does become damaged or past its lifespan, it can easily be replaced by removing the 2 breather valves.

Breather Valves: The 2 breather valves allow air to be expelled without letting air in. This comes in very handy if you wear goggles or glasses because they can (and do) become fogged up without them.

Protection from the Elements: While the RZ masks true purpose is to filter air, it can also be used as protection from the elements and keep your face warm with or without the filter. The M1 version is made of neoprene, while the M2 model is mesh and might not do as well.

The life expectancy of the RZ Filter (or any filter) depends on many variables, such as; particulate exposure density, particulate exposure duration, user breathing rate. With that said; below are their general guidelines.

  • 0-20 hours of continuous use in heavy dust exposure to Grain bins, Off-road, construction/demolition etc.
  • 30-40 hours of continuous use in light dust exposure to Grain Bins, off-road, construction/demolition etc.
  • 50-60 hours of continuous use when protecting against allergens, pollutions, odours etc
  • 60+ hours when used for cold weather protection

There are 4 types of filters to choose from, the F1 Filter Active Carbon, the F1-Hunting Filter Scentless Active Carbon, the F2 HEPA Filter and the F3 HEPA Active Carbon filters. These range in price from $6.95 to $12.95 (at the time of this article) for a 3 pack depending on the type of filter you need.

In conclusion, these masks, in my opinion, are a much better option than the N95 masks. The initial investment of the mask itself is the main cost, after that the filters themselves are not that expensive. You can also refer to more types of facemask that can protect you from the market. There are many high-quality facemasks that have the same quality as these two, so make sure you take a look before choose the best for you.  





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