Sabrina Carpenter Gets Stylish Bangs After Relationship Drama

Sabrina Carpenter Gets Stylish Bangs After Relationship Drama

Breakups can be tough, but sometimes a new hairstyle is just what you need for a style refresh. Singer Sabrina Carpenter opened up recently about debuting her signature fringe after going through her "first real heartbreak."

While chatting with Rolling Stone for a fun portrait painting YouTube video, Sabrina got real about the inspiration behind her sleek bangs. "I was really down after a relationship ended badly," she shared. Feeling like she needed a change, Sabrina impulsively took scissors to her long locks. "Cutting my bangs was so liberating. It felt like a fresh start," she said.

As someone who usually thinks things through, Sabrina said the breakup prompted her rare rash decision. However, she's never looked back since rocking the flattering fringe look. "My bangs really boost my confidence now," she smiles.

While staying coy about names, fans speculate the heartbreak was with former flame Joshua Bassett back in 2021. In other interviews around that time, Sabrina getting sinking feelings and "questioning everything." Yikes, been there girl!

It's nice to see Sabrina embracing her post-breakup glow-up. Getting a new 'do is a girl's best revenge, in my opinion. She looks absolutely stunning with her bangs framing her face. Goes to show how a change in hairstyle can be just what you need to move on and feel yourself again after romance drama. Get it, Sabrina!

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