SANSI LED Review: Affordable State-of-the-art LED Technology

SANSI LED Review: Affordable State-of-the-art LED Technology


Sansi LED Lighting, Inc. is a LED lighting, displays, and systems manufacturer catering services to commercial based projects and consumer-based products.

SANSI commercial based projects include displays, horticultural lighting, medical lighting, maritime & naval lighting, road lighting, industrial lighting, and architectural lighting.

SANSI consumer based products include Energy Star rated light bulbs, security lighting, residential grow lights, and general indoor lighting products.

Features you would love at SANSI LED

Most LEDs are created equal and they all generate heat. There is a good chance they are using the same LEDs as our friends in competition. What separates a good LED from a bad LED is how the heat generated from the LED is dissipated over time. This is a why the LED bulbs you find in stores are bigger than the traditional A19 sized bulb. They need more space to dissipate the heat generated from the LED chips. This is the first sign of a poor quality LED.

SANSI’s advantage in the world of lighting is ceramic technology. Ceramic dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminium and it’s not conducive to electricity. Therefore their LED chips can be moulded directly to the ceramic. This allows for each LED chip to be both PC board and adhesive free. Fewer pieces mean less heat. They don’t need bigger sized light bulbs because they don’t use outdated LED technology.

With that said, SANSI’s Ceramic LED technology offers a range of added benefits that benefit both commercial based projects and their consumer based products.

SANSI LED customer reviews

I bought an indoor plant and needed a supplemental light source. The light is exactly what I needed,, thanks

This light produces a really good color and was surprisingly bright. I will probably purchase more of these when I need more lights.

After seeing the reviews on 15w not being enough for plants needing bright light; I decided to try it for my cocao trees which as a jungle floor plant are notorious for being fried by full sun or hot lights. I started the bulb about two and a half feet above the seedlings, and they love it! Not only have they been putting on new growth, the new growth has gone from starting out white and turning green to starting out red and turning green just like cocao grown outdoors! I’m planning on using these for the rest of my plants.

I am currently using three, 40W SANSI grow-lights hanging from above in a south-facing windowsill. They are being used as supplemental lighting for my succulents and cacti. Since using the lights I have noticed that the colors and growth of my succulents have gotten to a level that I could not achieve with just the sun alone. These bulbs are definitely a must for any enthusiast that wants the best for their plants. I also have four, 40W grow lights on a 7ft Ficus lyrata in a west-facing window. Further, I have three 40W grow lights shared between a smaller strelitzia Nicoli and monstera deliciosa, also in a different west-facing window. The plants would all do ok without the lights, but I want them to have as much light as possible, and these SANSI grow-lights help me achieve that.

I have been using the 40w light for 5 months on my orchids. It is fantastic! I use it with an Ikea clamp-on gooseneck work lamp. It is situated about 10″ above the leaves of my tallest plants, maybe 20″ above the shorter ones. All are thriving beneath this light.

One of my favorite things about it is that unlike the Sunblaster strip lights, the light doesn’t go all over the room. it is instead focused on my orchids, where I want it. So while you might find a strip light with the equivalent wattage and output, it’s not going to be as intense as this light is.

It IS very heavy! Most standard lamps will not hold it upright, so be prepared. It’s also large, take that into account. I would absolutely purchase this again and I look forward to other grow lights from Sansi.

Got this with one of the suggested reflectors for my succulents. It provides a very nice, bright, white light without much heat. The reflector is slightly warm, but not hot.

Works great! My hibiscus plant was not getting enough sun in cloudy Wisconsin and this light bulb had brought it back!



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