7 Ways To Save Money On Carpet Dry Cleaning

7 Ways To Save Money On Carpet Dry Cleaning


Carpets add aesthetic beauty to the place. However, carpets also easily attract debris, dust, and other allergens that settle down within the carpet’s fibre. The accumulated dust within the carpet not only ruins the fabric, but also gives birth to bad odour, fungus, and bacteria. Down the line, the dirt collectively becomes a hub for germs, leading to an unhealthy environment. 

Whether it is your office or home, there’s fancy carpet flooring, and those carpets are walked-on, strolled-on, or spilled-on all day, which takes a toll on the carpets. Hiring carpet dry cleaning in Dubai without prior research can be a wrong move. They can harm the carpet’s fabrics either by using the improper technique or cheap cleaning solutions. And you can try cleaning the carpets on their own, but that will just remove dust from the surface, not fully clean them. This negligence can cost you a ton because the carpets wear out sooner than expected.

To maintain the beauty and lifeline of your carpets, you need to get them cleaned professionally as well as take some measures at home to keep them in good shape. How to do that affordably? Here’s how – 

Take a look at these 7 “money-saving” tips to help you keep your carpets fresh and new-like!

Vacuum Often and Properly

Preserve your carpets by regularly hoovering them and make sure to use the vacuum cleaner in both directions to ensure the pesky dust is cleaned. This helps keep the dust from accumulating and extends the time between professional cleanings, saving you money. If you’re amidst the spring cleaning, make sure to vacuum the surroundings before the carpets, i.e., cleans your walls, sheets, blinds, etc. so you don’t have to vacuum the carpets again.

Compare Prices of Carpet Dry Cleaning in Dubai

Always get a routine professional carpet cleaning to keep the carpets new-like. When it’s time to hire the dry-cleaner, compare various companies. Look at their reviews, ratings, and most of it, their cleaning packages. See which dry cleaning company provides the best affordable cleaning packages which are in your budget. Remember, sometimes spending a little more money is better since it means there’s no compromise in the service quality!

Clean Stains Immediately!

Spill-ons are bound to happen someday or another. What’s important is to treat the stains immediately. Though scrubbing may sound tempting and easy, remember to blot spots instead. Make sure you attend to the stains quickly before they settle into the fibres. Spot and rinse with warm water but only by dabbing and not scrubbing. The only exception to this is the mud mark, in which case you can leave it until it dries and brush it away.

Prevent Mold to Improve Carpet’s Life

If there is dampness in your house, stay on top of things to avoid any mold build-up. Carpeting is warm, and the mold can get into it, continue to develop, and grow with time. This can cause serious health issues even for those who have never had health problems before. It’s extremely dangerous for people who have breathing problems, allergies, or sensitive skin. Reduce indoor humidity, choose high-quality carpet padding, never allow standing water on the carpet, and clean your carpet often with dry foam to improve carpet life!

Adopt a ‘No-Shoes’ Policy

Footwear carries a lot of dirt and debris which gets settled inside the carpet’s fabrics. And if there’s a heavy footfall, it will make the carpets dirty in a short period. You can adopt a ‘no-shoes’ policy in your house and not wear them indoors. That will lengthen the time between the necessary professional cleanings and save you money. It will also add to the carpet’s lifespan ad shoes are a lot harder on the fiber. Your carpets will not wear out that quickly.

Watch for Special Offers

Carpet cleaners in Dubai offer special discounts during the slow season. They might even do the whole house on special offers or cleaning extra room for free, sofas for example. Check out various dry cleaners’ websites or newspapers and watch out for the advertisements and coupons. Keep in mind that when it’s the slow season, you can even ask for better prices. These discount offers will save you a lot of money!

Clean ‘Traffic-Areas’ Only

The carpets don’t usually get dirty behind or under the sofas and other furnishings. Even when it’s dirty, it’s just dirt, which can easily be cleaned with a vacuum. Carpets get dirty in the ‘traffic’ or the ‘most used’ areas, which you need to get cleaned. If you ask your dry cleaners, they might not move the furniture and give you a discount on cleaning!


To save money on Carpet dry cleaning, it is essential to take extra measures along with hiring professional carpet cleaners in Dubai. These tips will help you prolong the carpet’s life and make it look great for a really long time.

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