What To Consider When Selecting Windows Replacement Units

What To Consider When Selecting Windows Replacement Units

In the ancient days, people only cared about their windows' style and how they would look in their homes. Today, people are more cautious about the energy efficiency of windows replacement units before they purchase one.

Energy-efficient replacement windows help reduce energy bills, which helps the homeowner save a lot of money. Not all windows are energy efficient. When you plan to buy new windows replacement units, there are factors you will need to consider to ensure you get the best window. Continue reading below for more insights into this.


1. Which is the Best Frame?

Most people are used to wood because it is a good insulator. Wood does not conduct heat, unlike metals. However, this does not make wood the best material for a frame. There are other materials, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your priorities and the amount you are willing to spend for a window.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is not as expensive as wood is, but this does not mean that it has cheap values. They are perfect insulators and are very affordable. Buying a vinyl frame gives you two advantages of affordability and good energy efficiency. They are durable and do not require repainting since the frame does not fade. Their glass is tightly fixed to prevent air leakage. However, these windows come with few color choices, and the fact that they cannot be repainted becomes a disadvantage, especially to those that want a specific color.

  • Wood

They have an outstanding insulative value, and people prefer them because of their look. Wood lasts long, and most of the old homes with these windows replacement units can witness this. However, this material needs a lot of care and maintenance. You have to keep repainting a wooden frame to maintain the look. If exposed to water, wood swells and starts to rot. They are also prone to insects like termites.

  • Aluminum

They might not be the best for energy insulation, but aluminum also passes the test of time. It does not require constant care like repainting. This material will withstand harsh climates like hurricanes and the salty levels of the coastal region.

  • Wood-clad

These are the best window frames for energy efficiency. It requires minimum care, unlike wood. For a proper installation of these frames, use a waterproof rubber membrane around the cladding to prevent water intrusion. If this happens, the sills and jambs could start rotting. Using a sill pan will help to drain any water that wants to rest on the sills. Wood-clad is an expensive material, sometimes more costly than wood.

2. Window Types Designed for Efficiency

Not all windows replacement units have the same level of energy efficiency. There are different styles with more energy-efficiency than others.

  • Double-Hung Windows

These are the most common types of window replacement units that you will find in most old homes. They have two sashes, and both sashes are operable. The top slide moves down to open while the lower one moves up to open. They are a good choice, but they might not be the right choice in extreme climates. The space between the slides can act as a good passage for air.

  • Casement Window

You will find these windows in homes where the wind is an issue. They have a hinge at the top and the bottom of the crank, and it opens by swinging outwards. When the window is closed, they seal in tight, making them the right choice for energy efficiency. Their seals and hinges require some care to make sure the window operates well.

  • Picture Windows

These window replacement units come in one permanently fixed window pane. They do not open, and they are the best for houses that face the ocean or beautiful gardens. You have to make the right choice of the glass and gas-filled interiors.

3. The Installation

An energy-efficient windows replacement unit will not work well if poorly installed. Ask your contractor to do a pre-installation waterproofing before the window installation is done. This makes the window perform efficiently.

Therefore, as far as buying energy efficient windows is concerned, you would want to hire the best installer to install your windows.

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