SHOTBOX Review: The Best Product For Photographer

SHOTBOX Review: The Best Product For Photographer

What is Shotbox?

Shotbox is a photography lightbox. It is basically boxes with translucent sides that diffuse light onto your product without producing shadows. To use a Shotbox, you place your product inside and point lights through each side and the top to illuminate your product.

The Shotbox is a collapsible light box with lighting inside it! 

One awesome thing about the Shotbox is that you can shoot overhead photos as well as straight on due to open spaces on the top of the box. The Shotbox has additional accessories like a cell phone holder (the Sideshot) that connects to the top and additional background packages.


First, the Shotbox includes a tote to carry it and all its accessories fit nicely inside – this fixes the storage issue completely!

When you pull it out, it’s about 4 inches thick in the collapsed state:

To set it up, just pull on the top and it pops together – measuring about 15 inches tall

Then, plug it in, insert backgrounds, put your product inside – and shoot away! 


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