6 Amazing Sites For Free Stock Images

6 Amazing Sites For Free Stock Images

Stock photos are images from different agencies that you can use for personal and professional purposes with specific conditions. These photos are beneficial if you’re building a personal blog, running an email marketing campaign, or trying to make posters for advertising purposes. 

The holiday season is around the corner, and all kinds of deals are available for Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Instead of getting a professional photographer and paying huge sums for a few clicks, you can use stock photos.

It is much easier to use stock images for your deals on trips to London and Paris than hiring photographers to click snaps of London Bridge and the Eiffel Tower. Taking pictures in such cases is not viable. 

Many stock photo websites offer high-quality stock images at low prices. Still, other sites provide the photos for free. They also have sizable collections of pictures and videos. 

You must be careful in image selection from these websites to ensure that you do not use the ones already used by many people. Ensure that none of your competition is using those images. 

To learn more about these free websites, let’s take a look at our list of unique free stock photo websites. 

  1. Unsplash 

Unsplash is a fantastic website for free stock photos. It has a library of millions of images and other media from over 300,000 contributors. Unsplash has an unbelievable 16 billion monthly impressions. The website is widely used by professionals associated with graphic design. 

License Details:

You can use the images for all kinds of purposes, including commercial uses. However, there are some restrictions associated.  You cannot post pictures on other stock photo platforms. You also cannot use unaltered images on merchandise such as shirts and mugs. 

  1. Pixabay

Pixabay has over two million high-quality assets, including pictures, vectors, graphics, and videos. The website also has royalty-free music available. You can find stock photos related to just about any subject. There are lots of high-quality images that rival those from paid websites.  

 License Details

There are no severe restrictions from Pixabay when it comes to its assets. Selling unaltered images or selling them as stock photos is not allowed. You can use these pictures for commercial purposes. 

  1. Pexels 

The free platform has been around since 2014. It has over three million assets available to users without any cost. The stock photos websites offer diverse content and have forged partnerships with other organizations for this purpose. You can pretty much find images on any subject that interests you. 

 License Details:

You can use the images for commercial purposes, but there are restrictions in place. You cannot sell unaltered photos or reproduce them for another stock images platform.  You also cannot imply that models in the pictures endorse your products or services. 

  1. Gratisography

Gratisography isn’t a typical stock photo website. It has fewer assets on offer compared to the competition, but the content is pretty different. You do not get the run-of-the-mill stock images like some other websites. The freshness of their pictures can help you come up with unusual ideas.

License Details:

You can use the images for personal and commercial purposes. However, you cannot redistribute them through a stock photo platform or resell them in any way. You also cannot imply that the models endorse any campaign that you may use the images in. 

  1. Burst

Burst is a free stock photo platform from Shopify. The image library is pretty decent, with photos available for all kinds of projects. The platform continues to add more assets to its collection and its usage is increasing by the day. 

License Details:   

Burst allows you to use its images for all kinds of purposes, including commercial purposes. It does not require you to attribute the photos to the photographer but encourages you to do so. You can also get an HTML code from the website to embed the attribution. 

  1. Kaboompics

The unique feature of this free stock images website is that it allows you to search based on colors. Although the library isn’t huge, the website still boasts over 29 million downloads. You also get the color pallets from the images without any cost.  

License Details:

Kaboompics allows all kinds of uses of the images, including commercial services. You do not need to attribute images to the photographers. However, the models should not be negatively portrayed in any way. 

You also cannot sell these photos in any form without making meaningful additions to them. You may be allowed to use these pictures on your platform, given that you take prior permission.  


There are lots of free stock photo websites on the internet. Most of them have great images and help you in completing your projects. The list mentioned above offers some of the sites with a great collection of pictures and a little extra quality and search capability. They also offer very flexible licenses.

Eventually, the website you use is based on your individual needs and what the project requires. Apart from ease of searching and the library’s quality, you should focus on the license type and see if it is as per your needs. 

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