Sleeve Packaging Style

Sleeve Packaging Style

Apparel boxes are the necessity of the clothing brands of the modern age. Different businesses get these packages manufactured in different styles to look unique. They are manufactured with a pretty sturdy cardboard sheet. It is easy to get them customized according to the requirements of the businesses. They can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of the products and the business as well. Different types of graphics can be found on them that illustrate the glorified aesthetics of the item inside. They are laminated with a glossy or matte vinyl sheet that enhances their appearance. 

Apparel boxes are no more just the materials of the protection. They are now the showcasing of the style of businesses. That is why we see new designs every year or even every season in some cases. Let us see some of the top designs of these packages for the winter collection that will leave you amazed.

Branded package

Apparel boxes with logo can be the brand ambassadors. This style is now trending in this year as many people like to have branded products. This style is the representation of the perception of the customers these days. That shows how they are brand conscious and love branded products. This package is printed with the name and the logo of the business. Not only this, but it is printed at a prominent place to get maximum benefit. Many businesses like to get them printed with the color scheme that represents the theme of the brand. Colors of the logo can also be found on these packages. 

Removable lid design

This style of the custom apparel boxes is becoming increasingly popular. This is because this style provides easiness to the customers to open the package. This is a pretty conventional style that is still popular among people. They are manufactured with cardboard stock. They consist of two parts. One is a tray, and the other one is a lid. When the lid is closed, it does not let anything enter inside that provides good safety. Most of the people like this ability and businesses use them to impress the customers of classical nature. 

Matching texture box

This one is a pretty unique and impressive design of the apparel boxes. We know that fabric has a specific texture. Many businesses Get these packages manufactured with the specific texture of their clothing item. This provides the premium feel to the customers about the product. This is also a great way of enhancing the identity of the product. In this way, businesses display their premium nature to the customers. Not only the texture, but this packaging also has the same design as the item to be placed inside have. That makes people curious about the brand. 

Special winter colors

We know that specific colors are linked to different events, seasons, festivals, etc. For the winter season, the blue color family is the identity. That is why many businesses use these colors or combination of colors that looks pretty amazing on the custom luxury boxes. These colors can enhance the appearance of the packaging for the winter season. Moreover, these packages can also be printed with the colors that are associated with the events and celebrations during the winter season. Like red and white colors for the Christmas that comes in winter are also popular. 

Die-cut window packaging

This style of the apparel gift boxes is trending. This design contains a die-cut window on the package that looks pretty amazing. Modern technology allows the packaging manufacturers to get the die-cut window manufactured in different shapes required by the businesses. For the winter season, this die-cut window can be given special shapes. Like the shape of the snowflake is becoming increasingly popular these days. This is because it associates the product with the season in an alluring manner.

Foldable lid style

Many businesses buy apparel boxes wholesale that provide a lot of customization options to them. These packages are manufactured in one unit. Yes! The lid is attached to the package. This design of the packaging is mostly used by premium brands. Some of them get these packages manufactured with a metallic coating that looks great. These boxes provide an enhanced unboxing experience that is luxurious. Most of the people like them due to their reusability. 

Sleeve packaging style

This design of the custom luxury boxes is becoming increasingly popular due to their elegant style. Some big brands use them to showcase the rich nature of the brand. They consist of two parts. One is a sleeve that covers a tray or a complete box. This provides enhanced customer experience. The upper part can be printed with digital printing technology. The inner part is mostly printed with engraving technology. The upper part is mostly printed with the winter designs. Custom apparel boxes are manufactured in different designs nowadays. These designs are dependent on the nature and class of the businesses. The aforementioned designs are some of the top ones that are becoming increasingly popular for the winter season.

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