SlideUpLift: Your Go-to For Acing PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentations

SlideUpLift: Your Go-to For Acing PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentations


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Due to the pandemic, the work from home culture has quickly taken over the world. With only computer screens as a mode of communication, business professionals have been fretting over preparing a perfect presentation that can have a lasting impression on their stakeholders.

Since you have landed at this review, it makes sense to assume that even you have been searching for a platform that offers the best PowerPoint templates on the internet. It feels incredible to inform you that we've found the one for you! SlideUpLift is the one-stop destination for all your presentation agonies. It is a website that offers the finest business presentation templates on the internet.

Here is everything that you need to know about SlideUpLift!

SlideUpLift is an online library that gives individuals and businesses editable ready-made slides for their PowerPoint & Google Slides presentations. It is an ever-growing library of 30,000 professional PowerPoint templates that are designed keeping in mind the principles of vision science and storytelling.

SlideUpLift's gallery not only offers a broad range of templates in various categories but also hosts a vast collection of PowerPoint Icons, Silhouettes, Isometrics, and Animations. Its goal is to help you make the best presentations in the shortest time without worrying about the aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • 30,000+ growing library of editable and Interactive slides
  • Creative Layouts based on vision science & storytelling
  • Editable Business Diagrams, Animations & Shapes
  • 3D shapes, Charts, Tables & Lists
  • PowerPoint Add-in to access the templates from within PowerPoint
  • Compatible with Google Slides
  • Templates catering to all business personas (Project Managers, Marketing Managers & Sales Managers, etc.)
  • Excellent Customer Support 
  • Only platform with Add-To-Cart functionality

Why is SlideUpLift better than its competitors?

We have listed down a few reasons as to why we believe SlideUpLift is the best presentation template platform out there.

1. Massive Library of PowerPoint Templates: 

SlideUpLift provides a large variety of templates with over 30,000+ unique templates. The variations and quality of graphics enable you to design out-of-the-box presentations and caters to the needs of different types of business professionals.

Below are some of the most popular templates in their gallery:

Executive Summary Templates:

An impressive summary slide at the end or beginning is a crucial part of every presentation. SlideUpLift has a collection of 100+ Executive summary templates that will help you in covering the key highlights of your business reports and projects in a single slide.


SWOT Analysis Templates:

SWOT Analysis slide is the most frequently used slide in presentations which makes it even more important to ensure it seems fresh and creative each time. SlideUpLift provides 100+ unique ideas of SWOT Analysis Templates that will enable you to showcase your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


30 60 90 Day Plan Templates:

SlideUpLift hosts a vast collection of 30 60 90 Day Plan Templates that allow you to showcase your quarterly or monthly planning to senior management, and other stakeholders in an aesthetically pleasing way. It also lets you map out your priorities and individual goals accurately.


Timeline Templates:

Timelines have proven to be an immensely helpful tool as they allow you to determine and create plans keeping short and long-term goals in mind. With SlideUpLift's Timeline Templates you can now create highly detailed project timelines showing the company history, the major milestones, products and services, and its evolution over a period.


Case Study Templates: 

A case study is a great resource for creating and improving upon existing and future business plans. Using SlideUpLift's Case Study Templates, you can now craft a precise and comprehensive business case by outlining the various clients and partnerships as well as the business achievements, and effectively showcase them to your audience.


Roadmap Templates:

A great Roadmap is a valuable tool and guide for the future and direction of the business. It can help to ascertain the path needed for your company by helping you visual and organize the objectives for achieving the goals. SlideUpLift provides a highly curated collection of Roadmap PowerPoint templates.

roadmap template

2. Add-to-Cart Feature

Unlike most other template providers, SlideUpLift doesn't push you to opt for its membership. If you are interested only in purchasing an individual template, you are free to do that using the add-to-cart feature. Just choose your desired template, add it to your cart and check out using your preferred payment method. It’s that simple!

3. Reasonable Prices

Comparing with all the other options available in the market, SlideUpLift has the most reasonable membership plans without compromising on quality. There are five plans that are very accurately priced. You can choose from five highly affordable options, with the basic plan starting at just $9.99, giving you 6-month access to a constantly upgrading template library, extending up to $349 for Teams providing unlimited user access for 1 year.

4. Seamless Integration with Google Slides

Manually creating presentations and updating slides can be time-consuming. SlideUpLift's presentation templates are compatible with Google Slides allowing you to design presentations at anytime from anywhere, using any device. This makes it highly convenient for the users and especially for business professionals who need to always have their presentations ready.

5. PowerPoint Add-in

This tool enriches the overall presentation building experience for users since it allows access to SlideUpLift's vast collection of presentation templates directly from within PowerPoint. All you need to do is search for your desired template in PowerPoint and apply it to your presentation, thus saving you a lot of time and effort of manually browsing through tons of websites and templates. You can avail of and enjoy this service with any membership plan of your choice.

6. Excellent Customer Service

The testimonials of hundreds of happy clients on various websites, themselves speak for the amazing customer service at SlideUpLift. The company has a dedicated customer service team working 24*7 to create a customer-friendly environment. If you ever feel the need to order a custom template or make some changes to an existing one, you can always count on their customer service team to solve your queries.  


So, the next time when you want to make an excellent PowerPoint presentation, look no further, as SlideUpLift has a vast collection of fully customizable templates that you can use to create a stunning PowerPoint presentation.

Users are offered a wide range of templates spreading across different fields and functions like- HR, Marketing, Project Management, and many more. We give a big thumbs up to SlideUpLift from our side!

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