Snowboarding Legend Shaun White Opens Up About Girlfriend Nina Dobrev's Hair Preferences

Snowboarding Legend Shaun White Opens Up About Girlfriend Nina Dobrev's Hair Preferences

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Olympic snowboarding champion Shaun White about his retirement from competition and new plans with his girlfriend, actress Nina Dobrev. Such an accomplished athlete at only 37 years old, it's exciting to see what's next for Shaun now that he's embracing new adventures beyond the halfpipe.

When discussing Nina, their affection for each other was evident. It's clear these two have a very fun and playful relationship. Shaun told me about the time he wore a wig resembling his long iconic red locks from past competitions just to get a funny reaction from Nina. Apparently she had only known him with shorter hair since they started dating. Shaun said her shocked expression was priceless, asking "Who's this?!" before realizing it was just him underneath. Nina apparently loved the vintage look and told him to keep it on for the day.

Fans may recall Shaun growing his hair out more during the pandemic shutdowns. However, Nina proved to also be skilled with scissors when she gave Shaun a trim himself. She posted a funny photo of herself cutting his hair with the caption "Adding to resume: hairdresser." These little moments show their comfort and trust with each other.

Both Shaun and Nina seem to be fully embracing this next chapter where they have more freedom and flexibility to travel the world. Shaun listed off several destinations they've already visited together since his retirement, from Antarctica to Dubai to Indonesia. It's nice to see two successful people prioritizing quality time with each other after careers that demand so much travel. I wish them all the best as they check off more bucket list experiences this summer. Their affection is inspiring - it will be fun to follow along with their journey as a couple.

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