Top 9 Everyday Problems That Need Solutions

Top 9 Everyday Problems That Need Solutions

9 Common Everyday Problems You Hate the Most

Beyond any doubt, life can be beautiful. It consists of many positive and unforgettable moments and feelings. Each day is filled with little joys that make us feel happy and lucky. However, there are many things we can’t control that can anger and frustrate us. Regardless of lifestyle, people deal with some of the same daily problems in everyday life. They may be small but lead to a feeling of inconvenience and irritation. In this article, we develop a list of common everyday problems we all face in our daily lives.

Living in the 21st century may seem too easy and careless. Digitalization has changed the way we live. Most people can hardly imagine their lives without a smartphone or other gadgets. They have made our life quality better but still cause annoying everyday problems in 2020. Everybody who actively uses a device is familiar with them.

A list of 9 everyday problems that need solutions

Think of a beautiful sunny morning when you wake up and are about to start a great day in this big and wonderful world. Everything seems to be perfect and going as planned. And then one small thing happens that annoys you, almost ruining your amazing day that’s just started. Does that sound familiar to you? There will be many such things on our list, and don’t be surprised if you find problems of everyday life you’ve experienced before.

1. Ads on TV and YouTube

Ads chase people everywhere: on the TV, on YouTube, on different websites and applications. It all began with commercials on TV channels, which got longer and longer. Sometimes you switch the channels, and there is nothing to watch as they are on ad breaks. Or when an ad break interrupts your favorite program, you are forced to watch them so as not to miss the beginning of the next part. Maybe you go to your most popular platform - YouTube to be entertained instead. And guess what? There are ads there too. The only good thing is being able to skip them or buy a premium subscription. But sometimes you need to watch the whole 30 seconds of an annoying advertisement you are not interested in.

2. Slow WiFi connection

In a modern world, many processes depend on the Internet connection. You can’t even buy anything online, install the necessary app, or text anybody if there are problems with the WiFi speed. If you have lots of errands to do, especially business ones, you may get really annoyed. Moreover, a slow Internet connection can lead to serious problems at work, and employees will need to catch up with deadlines later.

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3. Forgetting passwords

Do you remember that feeling when you type in the password that sure is correct, but it is invalid? And then comes that long process of sending a code in a message or email. Sometimes your account can even be blocked for a few hours. It’s great when there is a “forgot password?” option, but if this feature is not included, a user must create a new account. The simple solution for this is utilizing a password manager.

4. Mobile application bugs

There are numerous everyday problems to solve with apps, and bugs are the most widespread ones. When you need to find some information immediately, and an application simply doesn’t work, it can be a real mood killer. And it may not depend on the developers, as even such popular applications as Twitter or Spotify can have them.

5. Phone battery running out

Having your phone die when you are away from home without a power charging bank is a nightmare. On important days when you are waiting for a call or an email, it can lead to big problems. Taking your charging cable with you is a must. You can go elsewhere to charge your mobile phone or even do it even on public transport. But the fact that your battery is low can make some people run home immediately.

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6. Purchasing clothes online and having no idea whether they fit

Online shopping is an excellent solution for modern customers and sellers. The COVID-19 pandemic proved how amazing and convenient it could be, as the number of online purchases increased rapidly. People can buy any product or service they want online without leaving their homes. According to the statistics, 1.92 billion people used e-commerce services in 2019. But when it comes to buying clothes on a website, there is hilarious expectation vs. reality memes about purchasing them on AliExpress or other Chinese websites. And the size is not the only problem. A piece of clothing may look great and high-quality in the picture, but what you receive is a poorly-made, cheap item. A life hack is always checking if there is a money-back guarantee or a good return process on a website. Otherwise, it’s better not to risk your money.

7. Constant notifications

Most people are stuck to their phones. Group chats are massive irritations for many people. It ticks you off when you want to concentrate on something, and your colleagues/groupmates are discussing minor things or just arguing. It is tough not to mind this when you are occupied with important things. Disabling notifications doesn’t always help, as you may miss something important. So, group chats on such social media platforms as WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram are time-consumers.

8. Tangled Earphones

This one belongs to the group of everyday problems that need to be solved. It can be annoying when you want to listen to your favorite music or take a call in a public place, and your earphones are a mess. No matter how tightly they were tied in your pocket, you realize you will have to spend a few minutes untangling them when you take them out.

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9. Autocorrecting your messages

In a nutshell, autocorrection is a useful invention for easy and fast texting. Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes inappropriate. But in all situations, it causes inconveniences and forces you to edit your messages. When you are in a hurry or need something immediately, it can really test your nerves.

To sum it up

Some imperfections or annoying things are necessary to make people appreciate life more when everything is going great. We suggested a list of the top 9 common problems in everyday life that need solving. Maybe while reading this article, a great solution to one of these common problems has popped up in your mind. If so, we hope you will manage to positively change the lives of the millions of people irritated by these things.

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