SSP Eyewear Best Sellers

SSP Eyewear Best Sellers

Methow RX Adapter

Looking at the unique design, you’re absolutely attracted at the first look. Methow Kit is produced with the new RX-Able Adapter for the available only from SSP Eyewear. Let’s see its outstanding features below:

  • Preventing blind spots by TR-90 RX-able adapter
  • Standard prescription size frame
  • Recommended  prescription -3.50 up to +2.00
  • If bifocals are required we recommend line bifocals but not recommended for the best vision

Denial Bifocal Kits

Denial Bifocal Kits are introduced as safety glasses with amber, clear, and smoked bottom bifocal lenses. Thanks to this, you’re able to view close up as well as in the distance for 24-hour use in all light conditions. This kit provided by SSP Eyewear is most suitable for shooters whose sights need to be supported. Order Denial Bifocal Kits, you may get:

  • Three different interchangeable lenses bifocal lenses in amber, clear, and smoked
  • Neoprene zipper pouch
  • Lens changing instructions

Snoqualmie Safety Glasses

Snoqualmie Safety Glasses were produced for those who have round and fairly large heads. One-piece shatterproof poly-carbonate lens exceeds ANSI Z87.1+2010 standards is an important factor making it perfect as shooting glasses. Wearing this product from SSP Eyewear, your eye strain will be reduced and moreover, your eyes may be less harmed by UVA/UVB rays thanks to its 100% UV400 protection technology.


Mazama Sea Readers are considered the best choice of outdoor enthusiasts such as angler, skier, golfer, cyclist, jogger. Interestingly, the lenses are designed to absorb horizontal light waves but till allow vertical waves to pass through. Wearing these glasses, you can see objects more clearly with less harmful effects from UV lights. Besides, you can ensure about products’ quality as they exceed ANSI-Z87 safety standards and block all harmful UVA/UVB rays well.

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