SSP Eyewear Reviews

SSP Eyewear Reviews

Overview of SSP Eyewear

SSP Eyewear was born over a decade ago to provide people world-class eyewear. This safe eyewear is targeted to use for not only job site or sporting activities but also day-to-day life. That’s the reason why they researched & created safety sunglasses that provide exceptional protection, great styles, coordinated colors, and superior fit.

Outstanding features at SSP Eyewear


Based on the figure collected & examined, about 87% of eye injuries are the result of not wearing safety glasses. SSP Eyewear not only focuses on the products’ quality but also their designs & appearances, so that they can develop safe & fashionable sunglasses.

Shatterproof lenses

All SSP safety sunglasses are marked on the temple with at least one lens. Glasses will be tested with a complex machine. Through a tight producing process, sunglasses with a superior anti-scratch coating and shatterproof polycarbonate are born.

High-quality lenses

Thanks to high-quality lenses, you will never get a terrible headache or other kinds of pain like when you’re wearing cheep sunglasses.


The unique design from SSP Eyewear helps minimize pinching. Thereby, you’re absolutely comfortable when wearing sunglasses from SSP Eyewear.

Rubber tips

A unique rubber compound bring you soft & comfortable feeling without any discomfort or pain in your nose.


The frames stand out with some following features: lightweight, flexible….weather resistant, and temperature resistant material. An interesting point is that the frames are designed precisely to position your safety sunglasses to three points of contact. This allows you to experience a fit that’s free of unwanted pressure points.

Customers’ reviews about SSP Eyewear

Over the years, SSP Eyewear occupies a huge love and trust from customers. Let’s see some typical reviews to know how much people love and feel pleased about SSP Eyewear!

“I can’t tell you how excited I am by the quality, value, and customization options of your products! I absolutely LOVE that you have over eyeglass safety glasses that are stylish AND incredibly comfortable. My ladies are going to be over the moon! Our monthly chapter meeting is on Friday and I can’t wait to show them your glasses — particularly the Top Focal kits.
Warm regards,”
Kaery D –

“I shoot pistol competitively and recently started using the 1.0 upper bifocal lenses. I have seen my groups tighten and my scores go up consistently! Making the front sight crisp and clear has improved my sight alignment again.
Thank you!”

Jim R.

“Been shooting for 50+ years. No problem with the sights. Till I turned “too old”. That front sight got so blurry. WTH happened to me? But alas SSP top focal’s have solved my problem. Zeroed an AR, three holes touching, they worked that we’ll. Awesome. Recommend highly.”
Darren S.

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