Stores List Open On Thanksgiving

Stores List Open On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is an international holiday that is celebrated in many countries of the United States as a traditional day. People celebrate this day on the 4th Thursday of November every year with great delights. This day has very important for them and they commemorate a special harvest meal on this day. People celebrated first Thanksgiving Day in 1621 and then it became an international day in 1789 for them.

What is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated to reflect the blessings and providence of Almighty God. People celebrate this day to pay special thanks to Almighty God for his blessings and be grateful to God for his benefits. This day has great importance for them, and they celebrate this day with great joy and humility. 

Why and How People of the US Celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

The people of the United States celebrate this day with great joy to pay special thanks to God Almighty for his blessings and all that they have. All families and friends get together and have a great meal on this day to enjoy the blessings of Almighty God. Americans prepare a special Turkey meal on this day with some special dining dishes; roast, vegetables, stuffing potatoes, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and gravy. 

They exchange gifts, play the game and have very long associations on this special day with their friends and family. On this day there is an international holiday in the United States. People spend time with their family and friends. This day has become an international tradition for them and has great importance for the people of the US. 

Some Tradition in the US about Thanksgiving Day:

A Traditional Meal: 

The people of the United States have a traditional and great meal on Thanksgiving Day. They cook Turkey meal on this day which includes many traditional dishes; gravy, sweet potatoes, green bean, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, roast turkey, and stuffing. They enjoy this meal with their friends and family.

  • American Football Game:

People of America are very happy on this day, and they share their time with their family and friends by playing the most famous American game, football. People with their families and friends get together on the ground to watch matches of football. They make teams and play football to compete with each other. Now it has become a tradition to play football games on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Shopping Till Black Friday:

People enjoy shopping on Thanksgiving Day with their families and friends to exchange gifts and buy other stuffing items. The shopping stores of the United States open their biggest sales on this special day. These stores offer great discounts on their things and items for people. People enjoy this shopping tradition from morning to night with delight.

  • Friendsgiving Tradition:

As people spend this day with their families, enjoy a traditional meal, and meet their friends. This day is also known as Friendsgiving day because they spend time with their friends, get a meal together, and enjoy shopping with them. They exchange gifts with friends also.

Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day:

All stores in the United States open a great sale on Thanksgiving and offer special discounts on their items for their customers. People enjoy shopping and buying products which they want from morning to late night Friday. Here are some big stores open on Thanksgiving Day for shopping:

Old Navy Store:

Opening Time:  3:00 pm

Closing Time:     12:00 am

Old Navy is the most famous store in the United States that is famous for clothing items. This store will open at 3:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day and will remain open till black Friday. People can buy American clothes; jeans, tea-shirts, Hoodies, Polos and Tanks, Tees, shorts, and many more items for buyers. This store has its franchises in many cities of the United States; Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Austin, Columbus, Miami, and Houston.

Whole Food Markets:

Opening time:   7:00 am

Closing time:     4:00 pm

All whole food stores remain open and are very busy on Thanksgiving Day as people buy food items to cook their meals. People buy different types of food items to enjoy special meals on this day with family and friends. The opening time of whole food stores is 7:00 am and the store closes 0m 4:00 pm. People can buy all types of food items from these stores on special discount offers on Thanksgiving Day.


Opening Time:  5:00 am

Closing Time:     12:00 am

These stores sell grocery items for people and open at 5:00 am on Thanksgiving Day. People can buy all types of grocery items on this day from 5:00 am to midnight of this day.

Rite Aid:

Opening Time:  7:00 am

Closing Time:     10:00 pm

The stores remain open for a whole year and sell pharmacy items. But the opening schedule of this store is on Thanksgiving Day from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. People can buy pharmacy items on this day during this schedule.


Opening Time:  6:00 pm

Closing Time:     12:00 am

The stores sell crafts for kids on special discount offers on Thanksgiving Day and open at 6:00 pm for shopping. People can buy all types of Crafts from these stores till midnight of Thanksgiving Day for their children. Michael is the biggest chain in North America selling kids' arts and crafts. This chain has more than 1100 stores in the United States. The Arts and Crafts in these stores include floral and décors, beads and jewelry, knitting and Crochet, and many more.

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