Stylish Belts To Build Up Your Cold Weather Wardrobe

Stylish Belts To Build Up Your Cold Weather Wardrobe


Belts are one of the essential accessories both for style and function. This small accessory can accentuate the whole look by giving it a definition. The right belt can be a deal maker when it comes to complete any outfit. Be it a simple black dress or a pair of high waist trousers, adding a statement belt can change the whole look and add an extra edge to the outfit.

In winter, when you have to stick around with sweaters, coats, and jackets, adding a belt will make the outfit look stylish without much effort. There are multiple designs for belts that you can pair with different outfits to ace your cold-weather looks. We have covered quite many options for stylish belts if you want to know more about styling them then let’s get started with the article.

Round Buckle Belts

A round buckle belt is a leather or fabric strap with a metal buckle attached to it. The round buckle is a simple yet stylish belt design that can be paired with multiple outfits. If you are wearing a simple black sweater or a black blazer, adding a buckle belt will give a stylish appearance and elevate the look.

Knot Belts

It is another variation for stylish belts for ladies. In this design, the belt is tied as a knot in the front of the body. Most of these belts also come with a buckle, so it is upon the wearer’s choice how they want to style it.

Metal Belts

Metal belts are for a more dressed up look. They are made of a thin chain-like design with embellishments. Metal belts look perfect with sweater dresses, which give a very sophisticated look.

Cinch Belts

Cinch belts are made of leather, elastic or stretchy fabric that tightly fit the waist to make it appear small. You can wear a cinch belt with an oversized sweater for a more structured silhouette.

Corset Belts

Corset belts are quite similar to cinch belts as this too fits tightly around the waist. The Corset belt is also a great option to add in your winter wardrobe if you are searching for some in vogue belt options.

Snake Print Belts

Snake prints are dominating fashion trends for a long while now. Snake prints have been incorporated in bags, shoes, and belts as well. If you wear a monochrome outfit, adding a snake print belt can change the game and lift your look.

Crocodile Leather Belts

Crocodile leather is a new favourite variation for leather. These leather belts completely match the winter outfit vibes; therefore, you can add this to your cold-weather wardrobe collection.

Triple Buckle Belt

Belts have got some fantastic style upgrades, and the triple buckle belt is one of them. As the name suggests, it has three straps along with three buckles. This belt presents an edgy look and looks fantastic with cardigans, sweaters and coats.

Braided Belts

Braided belts are a combination of different straps tied together in the form of a braid. Braided belts look beautiful with monochromatic winter outfits and solid coloured sweaters.


These are some of the best belt designs that you can try with your winter clothes. We have tried to incorporate as many options as possible so that you can pick your favourite amongst them. As already mentioned winter has very few opportunities to play around; therefore, belts a necessary accessory. Consequently, It is crucial to use the right belts with your outfit so that the outfit looks complete and fashionable. If you want to have detailed information about belts then make sure to go through the article, it will undoubtedly help you.

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