Top 5 Eco Friendly Sunglasses And Eyewear

Top 5 Eco Friendly Sunglasses And Eyewear

There are dozen of sunglasses brands in the market.Are you thinking about an eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical pair ofsunglasses? But obviously, not all of them are really worth your time andmoney. Here are the top 5 best sunglasses brand in atractive, environmentallyfriendly green styles.


Type of Sunglasses | Tortoise

Sunglass Benefits | Eco-Friendly,Sustainable, Recycle, Give Back

Sunglass Material | Polycarbonate

Sunglass Measurements | One Size

Sunglass Price | $20

Knockaround is a pioneer in sustainable eyewear andbrings recyclable, eco-friendly limited edition and collaboration pairs ofKnockaround sunglasses to international fashion market as Discovery Chanel’sShark Week, San Diego Padres and Pacifico Beer. Each year, Knockaround hasselected a few artist to express their unique natural and beautiful designs.All the proceeds from this collection will be donated to ArtReach.ArtReachhelps provide educational resources for students at the local elementaryschool. We love the simple style of these eco-friendly sunglasses, but we’vealso love it by their support of giving back to the local community

Knockaround Sunglasses are handcrafted frompolycarbonate, one of the most environmentally conscious plastics. All of thematerials used are organic, renewable and free from harmful or toxic elements.The frames are available in one size only, but you may choose fromnon-polarized to polarized lenses. We absolutely love this sunglasses.


 Coastal Love Bridgitte Sunglasses

Coastal Love Bridgitte Sunglasses

Type of Sunglasses | Tortoise

Sunglass Benefits | Give Back,Sustainable, Eco-Friendly

Sunglass Material | Plastic

Sunglass Measurements | Lens Width55mm, Bridge Width 20mm, Arm Length 140mm, Lens Height 44mm

Sunglass Price | $70

We love the distincly Coastal style of eco-friendly,sustainable sunglasses- A cool retro style that is available in bothprescription and non-prescription strengths. This brand with three colorstyles: black tortoise, tortoise pink and tortoise blue and is committed tosustainable materials and minimizing waste.

Coastal sunglasses is made of frame that are cratedfrom acetate.The combination of wood and cotton fibers is created Acetate,meaning the Love Bridgitte is one of the most eco-friendly sunglasses on themarket. With Coastal ‘s recycle program, Coastal is known for quality lenses,and this particular pair comes with your choice of original lenses, outdoorlenses or transitionals. They take pride in customer service and a seamlessshopping experience.Coastal ’s wide variety of stylish frame shapes and colorsis sure to offer something you’ll love for sunny days!


 Mango RetroStyle Sunglasses

Mango Retro Style Sunglasses

Type of Sunglasses | Retro Style with GradientLenses

Sunglass Benefits | Eco-Friendly, Give Back,Socially Responsible

Sunglass Material | Copper, Polycarbonate

Sunglass Measurements | One Size

Sunglass Price | $20

This line of trendsetting, retro style-inspiredsunglasses influnece fashion style in the 80s. The sunglasses are made fromcopper, and provide an eco-friendly polycarbonate lens, great for both men orwomen. Gradient lenses bring a perfect product for those who love outdooractivities or driving.

We’re not only love the retro style eyewear set inthe Mango catalog, but also other reason we love this brand. They believe inusing their business to support others who are doing good and making a positivedifference for humanity. Peruse their website for updates projects, itssustainability practices and environmental impact that Mango has partnered inand to purchase a pair of their beautifully designed sunglasses.

Warby Parker

 Warby Parker Womens Sunglasses

WarbyParker Womens Sunglasses

Typeof Sunglasses | Various Styles

SunglassBenefits | Give Back, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Socially Responsible

SunglassMaterial | Various

SunglassMeasurements | Various

SunglassPrice | Starting at $95

Warby Parker sunglasses emphasize the feminine linesof the Ruby, or the subtle accents of the Aloe Crystal and have a high-endappeal for the socially- conscious consumer. Each frame has its ownpersonality, but Warby Parker always focus on all collection. The Haskellcollection, available in various styles, includes something for everyone. Thecontemporary and sleek designs are strikingly unique and bold to promotediversity and solidarity. A portion on the profits from each pair within theHaskell collection have been donated to The Trevor Project and Lambda Legalthat this organizations strive to advocate equality within our localcommunities.

Warby Parker is well known thanks to its initiativeto give back to the global community. Each Warby Parker purchase results in anewly planted tree, or a free pair of glasses given to someone in need.Adultsand children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to prescription lenses will begranted a pair at no cost, thanks to your purchase.


 OpenSkyEco-Friendly Genuine Bamboo Temple Horned Rim Sunglasses

OpenSky Eco-Friendly Genuine Bamboo Temple HornedRim Sunglasses

Type of Sunglasses | Horned Rim Shield

Sunglass Benefits | Sustainable, Eco-Friendly,Bamboo, Socially Responsible

Sunglass Material | Bamboo, Polycarbonate

Sunglass Measurements | One Size

Sunglass Price | $21

We love this eco- friendly Opensky sunglasses – allof which come with 100% UV400 protection and are perfect for a day out on thelake or even on the slopes. The headquarter of OpenSky is located in Bucharest,but has offices all around the United States. Opensky aims to partner withsmall- scale entrepreneurs to offer business opportinities to small and familyowned businesses.

Proof sustainable sunglasses are crafted from earth-friendly polycarbonate lenses and genuine bambo temples, this is mostdefinitely a pair of sunglasses you can feel good about wearing. The brandmanufactures style for both men and women

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