Sunshine Jewelry Review: The Most Affordable Jewelry Under The Sun

Sunshine Jewelry Review: The Most Affordable Jewelry Under The Sun

About Sunshine Jewelry

Sunshine Jewelry offers quality, inexpensive jewellery for men, women and children at SAVINGS of up to 67% OFF retail prices. The company offers great internet specials and discounts all the time. With 40+ year reputation as one of America’s finest catalogue and internet website jeweller, Sunshine Jewelry stands behind every sale. Their popular products include world-renowned Lifetime Guaranteed 18K Gold-filled jewellery (18Kt Gold-filled, 18/20 Gold-filled), 14K Gold-filled jewellery (14Kt Gold-filled, 14/20 Gold-filled) and 10K Gold-filled jewellery (10Kt Gold-filled, 10/20 Gold-filled) at amazing prices. Gold-filled jewellery is NOT a plating or coating that will tarnish or discolour. The gold content in their jewellery must conform to US Government standards and their prices can fluctuate with the Gold market.



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Things you would love at Sunshine Jewelry

Sunshine Jewelry‘s tremendous collection of the newest, brightest, and hottest styles offered anywhere are great for: birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, bridesmaid gifts, Chanukah gifts, Christmas gifts, Father’s Day gifts, graduation day gifts, holiday gifts, Kwanza gifts, Mother’s day gifts, wedding day gifts, and gifts for any occasion.


Newest, brightest, and hottest styles

Quality and inexpensive jewellery

For multiple occasions

Sunshine Jewelry customer reviews

I know SunJewelry for many years now. They are reliable, honest and their jewelry is always the highest quality.
I compared their prices with other vendors in the jewelry district of Downtown LA and I was never disappointed.
Mr. Abit and his father always go to the extra length to make us happy. By the way, they also have a huge selection of GIA certified loose stones.

My then fiancé bought my ring from them 10 years ago online after a friend told me about them. We were a little skeptical but I still love my ring and get compliments on it all the time.  My ring is exactly what I wanted

Been a customer since 2001 as a out of state patron. In June went to their store in the district with my son who was looking for a custom engagement ring. Abit and his sister treated my son wonderfully and spent the time for him to make a great choice of diamond and design a setting.  The price and value were excellent. The next week my wife and I went back to consider a new ring. Again Abit was great, a hour later we ordered a new ring.

A family who cares and provides true service and value.

Sun Jewelry is an amazing place. In the heart of Los Angeles’s Jewelers Row, Sun Jewelry differentiates from the pack with their knowledge and customer service. Sun Jewelry was my first and only stop (and based off of recommendations).

My fiance LOVES the engagement ring that I picked out and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. But, in saying that, my experience in picking out an engagement ring was nothing short of an amazing experience.

It’s a traumatic experience; buying an engagement ring. I walked in knowing nothing, outside of the fact that I had a budget in mind. It was an incredibly educational experience and I appreciate how Nick took the time to first educate me so that I was not making a colossal mistake. He did not fail me in steering me in the right direction. When it came time to pick the diamond, Nick took painstaking efforts to find the diamond that most matched what we had discussed. These are all things that my naked eye would never have known, but Nick took off the sales hat and put on the consulting hat.

Besides engagement rings, they also have a large selection of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I hope that I have the chance to work with Nick again on the amazing custom jewelry that they make in the future.

I don’t know where to start from but I must really say my fiancée introduced me to this lovely place. I love jewelries but this is my favorite place to buy from.
-Good and reliable customer service
-All original stones
-Affordable good quality
I must say no one will ever regret ever knowing this place. We got our engagement ring from this place and it has been or of the best thing I’ve had. Looking forward to getting the wedding band. 
Teşekkür ederim Abit!!

Specializing in custom designs for engagement rings in 14K and 18K gold, white gold, yellow gold and  pink gold. Palladium and Platinum are other precious metals used for engagement rings and other jewelry. Custom designs can be shown in 3d or wax models to meet the customers exact design specifications.

Sun Jewelry carries GIA Certified loose diamonds. All jewelry is made in the USA.

The professional, knowledgeable  and customer service oriented staff  offers a 30 day money back guarantee and Lifetime warranty on all labor. 

7 – 10 days for making custom jewelry. There is also a wide selection of engagement rings to choose from. 

Excellent service and top notch craftsmanship.

I called before I visited sun jewelry and both were pleasant experiences. They specialize in custom made engagement rings. You can show them a picture and they will come up with a design shown to you before you would make your order. They have 14k and 18k gold as well as platinum which is my favorite as well as other medals. You can pick the size of the side diamonds to really make your ring unique to your style.  They carry their own natural diamonds in the store no middle man here. Rings usually take 7-10 days to make so the turn around time is fairly speedy.The sales floor is patient and really work with you to come up with exact design That’s works for your personality. If you don’t want to go the custom route they also have a variety of rings on display to choose from. Def check them out.




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