How To Surprise Your Curvy Partner After Dating Online

How To Surprise Your Curvy Partner After Dating Online

So, you’ve finally managed to seduce that bigger beauty you met on an online dating site & now you’re preparing for your first in-person encounter. Dating online is great because of how easy it is to communicate with your new partner, but you never really know how well you’ll actually “click” until you’re standing (or sitting) face to face. When you meet someone for the first time after starting your relationship online, there’s definitely a lot of pressure to “get it right”. Truthfully? You’re probably overthinking it! Nonetheless, you came here to learn how to make your first date the first of many, so keep reading. As long as you follow the tips below & can carry the conversation, you’re sure to have a great time going out together!

Tips for Taking Out a Bigger Girl

Don’t Mention Her Weight

Tempting as it may be, the last thing you actually want to do is mention her weight! She already knows she’s a bigger girl (especially if you met her on one of those BBW dating sites!) so even mentioning her weight in a positive light is sure to put a damper on an otherwise amazing date. Chances are, she’s already heard “I love big girls” or “BBWs are hot” too many times to count. When we talk about online communication, it should’ve passed a lot of time before she found a proper BBW dating service, and she should’ve been hearing a lot of the stuff about her weight, eventually, bad. By saying things like this—even if they’re actually compliments—you’re already putting yourself in the same category as all the guys she didn’t decide to go on a date with! Instead, easily stand out by not mentioning her weight; stick to other compliments instead.

Just Go on a “Normal” Date

Big or not, curvy girls are still regular women, so they definitely expect a normal date. What exactly constitutes a “normal” date varies from person to person, but generally, going out for dinner & a movie is a good start. Of course, if she implies she wants to do something else, then definitely do that instead, but otherwise, plan for a traditional enjoyable date night. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but taking her out in public shows that you’re not ashamed to be with a larger girl, which will surely work in your favor later on!

Appreciate Her Personality

Small talk is inevitable on any first date, but you should definitely try to get to know her personality too. Most people have distinctly different “online” & “offline” personas, so you’ll want to get to know the “offline” her as well to make sure you both still click easily! Plus, getting a bit personal shows that you’re actually genuinely interested in her as a person, and not simply thinking of her as another “sexy BBW” you can hang off of your shoulder.

Don’t Compare Her to Other Girls

In this case, we’re saying not to compare her to other bigger girls, but you really shouldn’t compare women in general (unless you’re willing to get slapped!). As usual, exes are always off-limits when it comes to conversation topics, and although your best friend might actually be a girl, it’s probably not the best time to mention that either. This date is about you & her, so focus on your partner rather than ladies who aren’t present. Talking about your past “scores” is always a major turn-off!

Surprise Her With a Gift

Obviously, this one will actually require a bit of planning. It’s important to always remember the context: this is the first date, so you certainly don’t want to get her something that costs a lot of money. It might seem nice to you, but receiving a Gucci bag on the first date definitely screams clingy—something that’s sure to quickly make her run for the hills! Always choose something thoughtful but practical, as her favorite type of footwear or her favorite candy. Classy but casual is the goal here.

And Many More Ahead!

If you’ve actually followed all of the tips above, then there’s no doubt about it: your first date was definitely a resounding success! Many guys make the mistake of treating thick girls differently, but—in most ways—they’re just like other women, except with more to love. Transitioning from having a relationship online to meeting in real life is always a stressful time, so don’t feel like you’re alone in the struggle. In fact, you should be ecstatic: many men actually don’t make it off of online dating platforms & into the real world! While dating online is certainly a great start to an amazing relationship, there’s so much more you can do together once you take things offline. Now that the first date is over, have you set up the next one? If not, it’s time to start planning! Love can take a bit of time, but there’s no rush. After all, you have the rest of your lives (and many more dates) ahead of you! Happy dating!

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