Takeaways From Top 10 Local Directories Of The USA

Takeaways From Top 10 Local Directories Of The USA


Do you know that one of the most commonly asked questions by clients regarding any business in the United States is to see references on some of the top free business directories? This is either done to verify the credentials of a business in question however, recent studies show that people want to see USA business directories for fresh ideas.  

This article comprises some of the takeaways from the top 10 business directories in the USA. Initially, these directories provide free listings for the business for a period of three months. But when the directory begins getting engagement then they generate money through it. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the common takeaways from the top directories. 


BizJournals comprises of the business journals in the United States or news websites related to businesses. They provide premium and free of cost listing options. Then they charge $150 for 6 months and $225 for a whole year. 

2.Discover Our Town

Discover Our Town is a directory that offers city-related guides regarding traveling details, city tourist attractions, and the best food outlets in cities across the United States. The directory offers a full map of the country where tourists can select their visiting areas while the main page displays state listings. Until now they are providing free of cost listings. 


Brownbook.net is a local business directory that is accessible for free. Anyone can practically edit it.  Moreover, they are also coming up with a global directory that anyone can contribute towards. You can add your business, edit the credentials and review the details without paying a single penny. 

You can further promote your business on this directory by adding relevant videos, photos and set alerts if anyone takes a look at your details. If you are listed on Brownbook.net, your webpage will appear on all core search engines as well. 

4.Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for Business owns only 10 percent of the search engine field but it is still in use by millions of businesses. It specializes in listing businesses that are either located at one place or multiple places including agencies who get their clients listed as well. The business directory overall has a unique design. 

5.Google My Business

Google My Business is one of those directories which places your business details on search options and Google Maps. They essentially add your details on their own platforms. Your customers can locate you through their personal devices in use. 

All in all, if there is anywhere you want your business to be listed it has to be with Google My Business. They have more than 65% of shares in the search market. So, if your business is not searchable on Google, then it practically does not even exist!  


Local.com is a business directory that provides free of cost listings for business belonging to famous categories that are generally searched for. These include the automobile and repair, food and restaurants, dining, healthcare services, and shopping areas. It is a general directory that is built locally. Apart from listing businesses, this directory also comprises of the famous events in the community.  

7.Magic Yellow

Magic Yellow seeks its inspiration from the Yellow Pages. They help clients locate business details along with customer ratings, reviews, and locations on the map. The website takes pride in listing more than 18 million local businesses. In fact, the listed businesses can easily claim their listing without any charges. 

You must know here that every directory which is now at some ranking point started out with one thing in common which is getting their list constructed. 


Usually the word “Yellow Pages” is associated with the conventional phone book. However, it is a famous online local business directory that offers free of cost business listings along with updated credentials. They promote various businesses using the coupon strategy. The directory is also open for advertisement. In fact, this directory is one of the most basic business directories today. 


Push local is another famous local business directory that provides the option to businesses for sending their real-time details such as on-going offers, deals, events to the cell phones of the registered subscribers. These businesses however have to pay monthly charges to the directory.  

10.CityLocal Pro

CityLocal Pro is one of the main local business directories in US. They provide perks to local searches as well as local businesses. The main aim of this directory is to help businesses gain top search engine rankings. Their campaigns include increasing awareness of a brand so that small businesses can flourish easily in the competitive market.

To sum it all up in a nutshell, we have listed the top 10 business directory of the United States above and some of their takeaways. If your business is not yet listed on them, now is the time to take action and get it done! 


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