Teepee Tent For Kids – Teepee Joy Review

Teepee Tent For Kids – Teepee Joy Review

If you are looking for space but want to save on weight, this Teepee Tent by Teepee Joy is an excellent choice for a lightweight but still roomy design. You will have plenty of room to stand up and stretch while still sleeping up to 3 children inside this top-rated teepee tent for campaing

I m loving this summer and the kids were super excited when the Teepee came! I was excited to have a new exciting place for them to check out library books for quiet reading time. I m very lucky know Teepee Joy through a friend and I m very gratefully for that.

Teepee Joy is a small, family-owned company based in Illinois. Teepee Joy specializes in providing teepee for kids would cater to one of two groups like kids or their parents. They could think of one of a kind safehouses that children will love, however, make them from plans and textures that guardians will discover sheltered, beautiful and durable. The fabric of each teepee tent is handcrafted and made from 100% cotton. There is also an option to buy a matching play mat and/or pillow set. I absolutely love the beautiful color and pattern options which I think would look attractive in any nursery or playroom.

The same material used for the pillows and lightly play mat is 100% cotton fabric that is thick and soft. There are also two “windows” on each side of the teepee with flaps that can be secured open by fabric ties as well. I know it’s a minor detail but the dowels smelled like fresh pine and were smooth and well-sanded. They screwed together snugly and haven’t snapped yet so that’s a huge plus! Eagle eyes might see the marker stain on the teepee. Good thing it’s machine-washable! There are also two “windows” on each side of the teepee with flaps that can be secured open by fabric ties as well.

Another detail that I appreciate is that the legs are enclosed at the bottom. Most teepees have the legs exposed so the fabric can easily ride up. The enclosed legs help to keep the sides of the tent more taut and secure. My only complaint – and it’s a minor one – is that it’s the teensiest bit smaller than I would prefer. The bottom is 45″ square and is perfect for one big kid (or two small ones.)

This tent also features an easy setup. Don’t be fooled by its large size, I tested and made sure that their tent could still be set up in a quick 5 minutes. Embrace the outdoors with spacious teepee tent and even take along beloved children on your adventure.

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Teepee Joy Review

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