TeethNightGuard Review: Have Your Teeth Protected

TeethNightGuard Review: Have Your Teeth Protected

TeethNightGuard is a division of Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab. They offer precise fitting and highest quality custom made dental guards. TeethNightGuard reduces the discomfort and protects against the harmful effects caused by teeth grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism. They have been specializing in custom made teeth night guards for over 13 years.

TeethNightGuard dental technicians are highly trained to ensure the best quality custom night guard. Especially, they offer custom made night guards, to fit perfectly. Additionally, TeethNightGuard gives customers the option of selecting between several different night guards, based on the severity of teeth grinding and or clenching.


  • After receiving your order, the company mails you a teeth impression kit (together with a pre-paid envelope for your teeth impression.)
  • You have to take the impression of your teeth with the easy to use kit, by following simple attached instructions. It should take you no more than five minutes.
  • Mail your teeth impression to the lab using the provided pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope.
  • From the teeth impression you have provided, the lab’s skilled technicians will make a custom fit night guard for your teeth and will ship it to you in a special carrying case. Expect to wait 7-10 days from the day the lab received your teeth impression.


  • Sleep great! Get immediate relief
  • Help alleviate jaw, facial pain and headaches
  • Protect teeth from the harmful effects of teeth grinding and clenching
  • Dentist quality and custom made to fit perfectly
  • Made in the USA by highly skilled dental technicians
  • Not bulky and unstable like store bought dental guards
  • Stronger and more durable, outlasting store bought dental guards
  • Convenient and cost effective
  • Simple process! Our dental lab direct process makes it easy to take your teeth impression in the comfort of your own home in just 5 minutes



This Night Guard is made of a soft, flexible, rubbery plastic. (Lifespan 6 months-2yrs, dependent on degree of teeth grinding or bruxism). Note: The buyer must indicate whether they are requesting an upper or a lower teeth guard.

3mm Dual Layer is the Recommended Standard Thickness for a Professionally made Custom Night Guard

  • Extra durable stronger laminate material made specifically for heavier teeth grinding and clenching cases. Features an abrasion-resistant characteristic that will withstand teeth grinding better than traditional soft night guards.
  • The material is very effective at distributing the impact of teeth grinding and teeth clenching pressure.
  • Thickness is 3mm. Custom made to fit your exact teeth. Not a boil and bite flimsy bulky night guard.
  • Made with FDA approved EVA material, Bpa and Latex free.
  • Save 100’s – No dentist appointment needed and no steep dentist bill! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
  • Order dental lab direct and save!  Simple process with our easy to follow teeth impression kit and detailed teeth impression instructions. We also include a free prepaid and pre-addressed mailer to easily mail back your teeth impression to our dental lab for us to make your custom night guard!
4mm Extra Thickness Professionally made Custom Night Guard                        

Perfect guard for those who need a soft guard but need a more durable and thicker soft guard. Tuff Brux Soft Night Guard Laminate features Cross-Graining for extra strength and constant thickness of finished custom teeth night guard.


You can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered. Upon placing your order with TeethNightGuard, they will mail you one prepaid (U.S. only) & pre-addressed mailer (customers outside the U.S. are responsible for their return postage to lab) along with the Night Guard kit. They estimate delivery dates of final orders based upon the date in which the lab receives the customer’s impressions. Typically, the final shipment (including the custom fitted Night Guard) is mailed to the customer within 10 days of the lab’s receipt of the impressions (teeth molds).

View Website: teethnightguard.com


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