What Kinds Of Businesses Are Using Text Translation Services?

What Kinds Of Businesses Are Using Text Translation Services?

Text translation refers to the process of converting a document from one language to another without losing the meaning of the original text. The world is growing smaller by the day. Therefore, companies and brands are translating their content into many languages to reach a global audience and remain relevant. 

Top Industries That Benefit From Translation Services 

Regardless of the size, any business can benefit from translating its content. Translation of a business's web content will help break the language barrier with its target audience and penetrate the global market. It's no surprise that more and more companies seek text translation services. Let's take a look at eight fields that benefit significantly from them. 

Education and Research   

To accommodate international students who may not understand the native languages used in a country, educational institutions hire professionals to translate educational material such as e-courses, lecture notes, and exams into more commonly spoken languages such as English. Research institutions equally need to translate their research work and findings to spread their knowledge worldwide.  

Marketing and PR   

Marketing and PR firms need to localize their messages while making crucial cultural considerations when trying to reach a global audience. Translating word for word may cause the text to lose its efficacy or be culturally offensive. Therefore, they hire professional translation services to help in their global marketing campaigns. 

Healthcare, Medical, and Pharmaceutical 

Healthcare professionals require certified medical translations of dosage instructions, laboratory results, patient records, medical equipment manuals, and prescriptions. Accuracy is vital when translating such documents because a single error could cost a life.  

Justice and Law Enforcement 

The police, law firms, and courts often hire legal translation services to translate witness statements, case reports, contracts, interrogations, and court proceedings. Legal translators must consistently deliver error-free translations because an error in documents could have severe ramifications. 

E-Commerce and Retail 

E-commerce sites are growing by the minute and are accessible across the world. Merchants need to translate their websites into several languages to cater to international customers. Customers will read product names, descriptions, and reviews before purchasing an item, and they won't be able to understand anything if it's in a foreign language.  

Tourism and Leisure 

Tourism is a vibrant and global industry that cannot do without translation services. A travel agency and hotel serving international guests can only succeed when they communicate well with travelers. Information such as accommodation packages, hotel brochures, and lists of local attractions needs to be in a language tourists can understand.  

Media, Publishing, and Entertainment 

The entertainment industry, particularly movie and TV program production, produces a lot of audio-visual content that needs to be transcribed and translated for captions and subtitles. Having a show in multiple languages appeals to a global audience. 

Also, journalists need translation services all the time. They may interview political leaders who prefer speaking in foreign languages. Translating speeches and discussions will help them report the news accurately. Book and magazine publishers also often hire professional translators to convert their clients' work into different languages so the material can reach a broader audience. 


Many manufacturers produce their items with a global market in mind. Therefore, they hire people to translate their products' user manuals, instructions, and labels. They also need translation service providers for their meetings, product launches, conferences, and webinars.  

Final Thoughts 

Translation enhances communication between businesses and their clients. If correctly done, translated content will help you achieve your business goals by tapping into the broad global market. While many AI software can translate data in seconds, it is essential to use human translation services. Hiring professional translators ensures that you retain the efficacy of your content.

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