The 5 Best Cheap Internet Packages

The 5 Best Cheap Internet Packages

Internet Packages for 2021


The internet service has now become a utility for every household rather than just a luxury. This reality was dawned on many of us last year when most industries had to adopt work from home strategy. Be it working, studying, entertainment, shopping, medical consultation, or even taking yoga classes – we have done it all online due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

While the internet is now as essential as electricity or water, it is also expensive and can distress our financial lives. On such an account, we have researched a lot and come up with an extensive rundown of the best cheap internet plans and packages for 2021. All of our picks are reliable, recommended, and reasonably priced.

  1. Verizon Fios

Starting Price per month: 39.99 USD

Download Speed(s): up to 200 Mbps

Connection: Fiber

Rate per Mbps: 0.2 USD

Equipment Charges: 15 USD per month

There is no doubt that Verizon Fios has been one of the best internet providers since its establishment. Although the Fios plans are not all that cheap, they do offer the lowest rate per Mbps and so you should consider it if you want high-speed connection at low rates. Moreover, most Fios plans do not have a data limitation making it a great choice for commercial and personal purposes.

  1. Spectrum

Starting Price per month: 49.99 USD

Download Speed(s): up to 100 Mbps

Connection: Cable

Rate per Mbps: 0.25 USD

Equipment Charges: 05 USD per month

There is no question when it comes to Spectrum’s credibility and customer base. The cheapest internet plan of Spectrum might be the costliest on this list, however, please note that Spectrum offers superfast internet speeds and makes up for all the priciness with its rate per Mbps.

Furthermore, Spectrum offers a complimentary modem and security suite with all of its internet plans making an even attractive package. It has a no-contracts and no data caps policy and can buy out your existing contracts of up to 500 USD. Another great advantage of Spectrum is that if you use cable and phone services too, you can just subscribe to Spectrum bundle deals and save a lot of money on its double and triple service deals.

  1. Mediacom

Starting Price per month: 19.99 USD

Download Speed(s): up to 60 Mbps

Connection: Cable

Rate per Mbps: 0.33 USD

Equipment Charges: 12 USD per month

Although Mediacom does not offer huge coverage, it still comes with a lot of cheap options that make it easy for customers to access decent internet speeds. Especially for residents of rural areas throughout the South and Midwest, Mediacom is a surefire blessing.

The cheapest plan of Mediacom is Internet 60 that offers 60 Mbps speeds at only 19.99 USD, however, the downside to this plan is that it comes with a data cap of 200 GB. Another plan that you might be interested in is Internet 100 that offers up to 100 Mbps of internet speeds and a 1000 GB data cap at only 49.99 USD per month.

  1. Xfinity

Starting Price per month: 19.99 USD to 24.99 USD

Download Speed(s): up to 50 Mbps

Connection: Cable

Rate per Mbps: 0.50 USD

Equipment Charges: 14 USD per month

Xfinity is one of the national internet providers of the entire nation due to its wide-ranged service coverage. Its cheapest available plan is indeed affordable and apt with up to 50 Mbps of internet speeds. Moreover, Xfinity is working to combine its internet plans with its new streaming service called, Xfinity Flex.

Xfinity has a data cap on most of its plans and so if you end up getting it, make sure to keep your data usage under the limitation to avoid paying overages.

  1. AT&T

Starting Price per month: 35 USD

Download Speed(s): up to 300 Mbps

Connection: Fiber

Rate per Mbps: 0.12 USD

Equipment Charges: 10 USD per month

AT&T is not sitting around to let the competitors get all the customers – it has come up with the lowest priced Fiber internet plan when it comes to the rate per Mbps. It offers an unlimited data allowance and has a low equipment fees relatively.

Here one important thing to note is that AT&T does not offer Fiber connection in all locations and so if you reside in its DSL coverage area, you can get up to 100 Mbps speed in 35 USD per month. However, people in its Fiber coverage can enjoy up to 300 Mbps in the same amount.


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