The 5 Best Pull-Out Sofas For Your New Apartment

The 5 Best Pull-Out Sofas For Your New Apartment

Furnishing your apartment means combining style with functional efficiency. Just because space is limited doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice quality or turn away company from visiting (unless you want to, of course).

Pull-out sofas are an excellent way to have some space for guests without an actual “guest room.” These couch/bed combos, also called “sleeper sofas,” maximize space in your living room.

You can find pull-out sofas that fit almost every budget, style, and room size. But if you want to be sure you’re getting a high-quality sleeper for your apartment, try one of these top-recommended couches!

Pull-Out Sofas

1. The Vallentuna Sleeper Module

Limited space? Go with the IKEA VALLENTUNA sleeper module, and it won’t even look like you have a bed in your room.

IKEA is known for selling good quality furniture and home accessories at reasonable prices. It has quickly become the budget apartment shoppers’ go-to place to start filling up their homes.

This pull-out sofa comes in multiple colors to match your room, or you can purchase it in the set so all your furnishings fit together.

The Vallentuna is a set of modules, which means you get a small sofa that turns into a bed, but you can also add to it. If you need a larger couch, grab two modules and connect them. Or add a storage module to give yourself some extra storage space.

Everything you need to furnish your apartment, including a pull-out sofa that lets you be in charge of your furniture, is part of the Vallentuna line.

2. Imani Velvet 81.5" Square-Arm Sleeper

Trendy, budget-friendly, and simple to use, the Imani Sleeper is perfect for every apartment.

The Imani’s luxurious velvet upholstery comes in multiple colors. It looks like it’s move-in ready for a fancy home, but the price is affordable for any wallet. 

If you enjoy the curves and tapers of mid-century furniture, you’ll love this sleeper sofa. The track arms and tapered legs are typical of this classic style. 

Hidden in the beautiful sofa and soft upholstery is a queen-sized bed frame waiting to be pulled out for guests. You can also use the split-back design to lower one or both sides into a lounging position.

3. Amy Queen Sleep Sofa

Treat your guests (or yourself) to a luxurious night of sleep on the Amy Queen Sleep Sofa by La-Z-Boy.

The sofas of the Amy line are known for their trendy styles and comfortable materials. This sleeper sofa continues the reputation by using Supreme Comfort innersprings in the pull-out mattress.

The sofa comes in multiple colors and has a variety of upgrade options. The default version is designed to be contemporary and stylish. The tapered wood legs and thick, high-grade foam cushions make it stand out from the crowd.

If those features aren't enough for you, you can always upgrade. Add on luxuries like leather and other premium fabrics, ComfortSeat GEL cushions, and a SlumberAir or Memory Foam mattress.

4. Brimnes Daybed

Daybeds fit into any room. Whether you want a couch/bed for your living room or bedroom, the Brimnes daybed from IKEA is a great option.

These once nearly obsolete pieces of furniture have made a huge comeback in the 21st century. Apartment dwellers who want functionality with comfort and style are turning back to daybeds to do the job. They’re a hybrid furniture option that gives you both a sofa and a bed in one.

A lot of daybeds, like the Brimnes, also offer storage solutions. This is a premium feature when you live in a small apartment. The Brimnes has two large drawers underneath the soft cushions that pull out into a comfy sleeping space.

Daybeds also have the versatility of being able to fit in any room. Unlike a sofa, it’s not uncommon to see a daybed in a living room, bedroom, or den. Slide your daybed up against your window to watch the world go by, or park it in front of the fireplace and take a cozy nap.

5. Chesterfield Sleeper Sofa

If you love the classic Hollywood nostalgia, a Chesterfield is going to fit right into your room.

The price tag of the Chester sleeper sofa may be heftier than the other pull-outs on our list, but the style is priceless and timeless. It’s a sofa you’ll be able to take with you anywhere you move. With the high-quality craftsmanship of the Chester, it’ll outlast and out-style any typical couch.

Chesterfields became popular in the 19th century. The classic couch was named after the Earl of Chesterfield, although no one knows if he actually used one himself.

Its characteristic traits are the low back and rolled arms. Chesterfields usually have buttons sewn deeply into the back cushions. They’re the epitome of luxury and class, especially when upholstered with velvet like the Chester.

Traditionally, Chesterfields didn’t have the pull-out mattress feature. But the Chester Sleeper Sofa gives you the elegance of the original couch with the functionality of a pull-out.

The Chester’s split-back feature lets you recline your own side individually or slide both of them back at two different angles. When you’re ready to turn in for the night, the sofa opens up to a three-quarter double bed.




When you want to offer your guests a place to stay, or you just want your own pull-out sofa, these combination couch/beds are the solution. You get maximum versatility taking up minimum room in your apartment. 

Whether you’re budget shopping or looking for the best style and quality, you’re sure to find a pull-out sofa you love on this list!


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