The 5 Best Shower Steamers Of 2023

The 5 Best Shower Steamers Of 2023

Are you looking for a way to make your shower more invigorating? Take it up a notch by treating yourself to an all-natural shower steamer! Shower steamers are small, effervescent tablets that slowly dissolve in the hot water of your shower. Not only do they produce natural aromatic fragrances that help create a peaceful ambiance, but they can also provide therapeutic benefits like helping with respiratory symptoms and clearing congestion. We’ve compiled our list of the 5 best shower steamers available today so you can take advantage of these luxurious treatments during your next steamy wash.

1. Best Overall: Moen IN208C2 Aromatherapy Combination Handshower

If a relaxing shower is what you’re longing for, the Tropical aromatherapy scent steamer might be worth checking out. Although pricey at $135 (for the chrome version) this revolutionary product does not leave a scented or oily residue on tub or body, making it an easy to use and convenient addition to your bath time routine.

It disperses four essential oil-infused tropical scents into the water in three to 10 minutes, depending on the level of intensity desired, with each capsule lasting 0.50 oz . Cruelty free and Byrdie Clean certified, creating an at-home spa experience doesn’t get any easier than this.

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2. Best for Energizing: Purelifebiotics Rejuvenate Shower Steamers

The Purelifebiotics shower steamers offer an affordable, cruelty-free way of pampering yourself at home. Not only do they contain pure, natural essential oils that deliver a lovely zingy scent, they also don't contain any hidden nasties - so with their Byrdie Clean and Cruelty-Free certifications you can use them feeling safe and secure.

The only disadvantage is that the capsules dissolve too fast if you leave it in the direct flow of the water, but this doesn't diminish the overall quality and value for money of this product and if used correctly you can enjoy a refreshing yet relaxing experience.

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3. Best for Recovery: Wellness Wonders Wake Up Shower Steamers 

Wellness Wonders Wake Up Shower Steamers 11

This bundle of six shower steamers from Wellness Wonders is a must-have for anyone looking to relax and unwind after a hard day. Offering soothing scents of rosemary, peppermint, and ginger, the steamers provide remarkable therapeutic benefits - from clearing your mind to helping you naturally wake up refreshed. Not only do they contain non-slip properties to keep your safety in check but each individual capsule weighs just 30g making them easy to handle and store.

Keep in mind that some may find the scent a bit powerful so if you’re sensitive to strong smells, this isn’t the product for you. Retailing at $24 they make a great gift or simply keep them on hand when it's time to reset.

4. Best for Energizing: Purelifebiotics Rejuvenate Shower Steamers


With its invigorating scent, cruelty-free stance and no hidden nasties, Purelifebiotics' shower steamers offer amazing value for money. Suitable for most budgets, each one-ounce capsule of bergamot, tea tree and grapefruit is designed to provide an intense sensory experience that promises relaxation after the toughest of days. Taking a shower just got better!

Although the downside is it dissolves rather quickly in direct contact with water, it promises to deliver a steamy spa experience. So take a breath, step back and melt away your stress - all for just $16 per capsule!

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5. Best for Sinuses: Baby Peach Menthol Blast Shower Steamers

Baby Peach Menthol Blast Shower Steamers

Nobody likes a stuffy nose and aching sinuses, but sometimes relief comes in small packages. Baby Peach’s Menthol Blast tablets are here to answer your needs for sinus relief and a cooling down experience in warm weather. The active ingredients in the tablets, eucalyptus and menthol, provide an effective feeling of relief for people with allergies or have caught a cold. Each tablet lasts for two to three showers, so you can enjoy the lingering scent from shower to shower!

Although some reviewers feel the scent isn’t strong enough on the menthol blast tablets, at a price of $29 these might just be what you need to give your sinuses some much-needed TLC.

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