The 7 Best Parental Control Software

The 7 Best Parental Control Software


New generation kids have been using the internet since they first started comprehending things. Truth be told, they presumably invest more energy online than any other person does and unquestionably more than their old folks do. On the off chance that you are a parent, this presents an issue, as there are unequivocal, upsetting, and illicit sites and applications that you do not need your children to experience.

The parental control software can assist you with dealing with the steadily increasing number of gadgets that your children use. Parental control or any other cybersecurity software with good establishment points is expensive; however, these costs can be cut down if your internet provider offers these services free of cost. If this seems like an alienated concept, you should know that Spectrum internet offers complimentary parental control software with all its plans and packages, you can find more details about the packages here at Localcalbedeals.

For those of you who are not in the service area of Spectrum, we have brought a whole list of the best parental controls that you should look into for your child’s protection.

  1. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is quite possibly the most reliable application available. Net Nanny permits you to screen your family's computerized routine while likewise shielding your children from obscene websites. You can set up limits on screen time and keep your children from accessing improper content.

Net Nanny provides you with a detailed report of all the searches of your children and if they try to access harmful content like drugs, weapons, suicide, or porn, you will get alerts right away.

  1. Moment

Moment is a great parental control app for parents who do not want to control every engagement of their children but do want to monitor their screen time. In addition to finding out about the screen time of your children, this parental control software reveals the apps that are being used the most. It can also share details of how many times your child picked up the phone every day.

You can even install it on your personal devices as well in order to manage your screen time. Although it does not limit your screen time, it sure can offer you a magnified view of your activities.

  1. Qustodio

Qustodio permits you to screen the social media of your child. It can also show you the messages and location of your child. It is an extensive application that permits you to channel websites that may contain improper content. Likewise, you can block apps and games that you do not deem suitable for your child. You can find your child’s gadgets through this software as well. It also has a panic button that can send you immediate alerts if anything were to happen to your child.

  1. Bark

Bark screens emails, messages, and more than 30 distinct social platforms for potential security issues. It searches for activities that could direct towards dangers like online pedophiles, sexual or adult content, substance use, cyberbullying, and self-destructive thoughts.

Bark looks through images, recordings, and messages and then sends caution alerts to parents about any disturbing associations. You will get programmed alerts by means of email and messages if and when a risk is expected.

  1. FamilyTime

If you are looking to track your children, FamilyTime might just be the app for you. It permits you to create your very own geo-fence due to which you will get alerts every time your child leaves or enter the geo-fenced premises. FamilyTime, further, allows you to block illicit and inappropriate websites. You can also set screen time and even limit it on various devices which means that after a set time, the device will be automatically locked.

The best feature of FamilyTime is its location tracking. You can get a detailed report of all the locations your child has been to during a said time. You would also be able to find out the exact real-time location of your child at any given point.

  1. Norton Family

Norton Family is a great customizable parental control software that allows you to filter your child’s searches and limit device usage. It is an affordable security option for parents who want to keep a check and balance on every activity of their children. Furthermore, there is no limitation on the number of devices you can connect this software with.

Norton Family uses artificial intelligence (AI) and puts all websites into its database of 47 categories. This way, you can be sure that your child will never be able to access obscene content.

  1. KidLogger

KidLogger is a free parental control software that allows you to track all the activities of your child and provides a detailed report of the overall screen time mentioning the websites used for the most part. It also offers a voice-activated sound recorder so you can stay aware of who your child is talking to.

KidLogger also offers you customization and so you can spare some aspects giving your child privacy. The free software is only applicable for one device, however, for better services you can always subscribe to its paid premium version.


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