The Best Concrete-Safe Ice Melt 2020

The Best Concrete-Safe Ice Melt 2020

Every year the weather turns chilly when winter gets started. People pull out the rugged boots, heavy coats, and the most important, "ice melt." Therefore, here we will discuss The Best Concrete-Safe Ice Melt 2020 for your guidance.

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What is Ice Melt?

Ice melt is a chemical product used to melt ice and snow by sprinkling it on surfaces. The problem becomes later when the rock salt that is used damages the concrete. There are numerous different types of ice melt in which only a few are suited to certain surfaces. Few of them are more environmentally friendly. Therefore, they are considered safe for plants as well as pets than other ice melts. 

Please read this article properly to learn which features to look for and why our product Eco Garden Calcium Chloride Snow and Ice Melt is considered among the best ice melts in 2020. We offer an alternative that is concrete safe, known as Eco Garden Calcium Chloride Snow and Ice Melt that use no harmful rock salt. It requires less to apply and work at a much lower temperature (-25 F compared to -3 F for conventional salt.) Our product is also safe for fish habitats and does not damage lawns and gardens. 

Environment-Friendly Design:

Our product Eco Garden Calcium Chloride Snow and Ice Melt comprises pure calcium chloride, which makes it concrete safe ice melt. Its concentration is just slightly lower at 94% instead of 96%. Therefore, Eco Garden Calcium Chloride Snow and Ice Melt are useful to -25 degrees Fahrenheit that should be so good for just about anywhere. 

The pellets are designed to create heat for up to 24 hours upon coming into contact with snow and ice. It's also the most affordable option to buy. The re-sealable bag is also user-friendly as well as easy to store. However, it might come loose. Therefore, you may be interested in investing in a lidded bucket to contain the pellets after opening the bag.

Safe for Concrete:

If you're worried about how you could prevent the damage caused by using rock salt as a de-icing product, then Eco Garden Calcium Chloride Snow and Ice Melt provides the best alternative. It is no doubt the best concrete safe ice melt because this deicer is less harmful to the concrete's structural integrity. This product has a practical working temperature that is much lower than that of sodium chloride or rock salt.

One of the most important reasons our calcium chloride product is so effective is it’s an "exothermic" compound. 

The subsequent chemical reaction creates and expels heat when a pellet contacts water. Suppose you dropped a pound of calcium chloride in a gallon of water. It would increase the temperature by as much as 30°F due to its heat-generating characteristics. Therefore, our product Eco Garden Calcium Chloride Snow And Ice Melt keep working effectively in temperatures well below those of its counterparts to work as the best concrete safe ice melt. 

Use in Small Quantity:

The significant fact is that calcium chloride is far better than rock salt because it is applied much less. Therefore, it will not cause any damage to the concrete. Those days are gone when you have to pick up a shovel to spread rock salt all over your concrete driveway continuously. Now, you take a few pounds of our fantastic product calcium chloride concrete-safe ice melt that can de-ice your driveway in a few minutes.

 Its chemical agent is so effective in such a small amount.

Once the product is spread across a concrete surface properly, it attracts moisture by generating heat. This process develops a domino effect where the warm "brine" solution continuously spread and melt everything else. As a result, just one initial pellet can dissolve a sizable surface area perfectly. It continues to melt ice and snow into the rapidly-expanding brine.

Ice Melt Lessen the Negative Impact of Chloride:

Chloride is a must for de-icing products' effective function, but it is not good for the environment. The issue is that there is no natural process through which chlorides are broken down. Nor can it be metabolized or taken up, or removed from the environment. Therefore, chloride is toxic to aquatic life because it negatively impacts vegetation and can harm wildlife.  

On the other hand, chloride is made up of 60% of the ions in a conventional rock salt compound. The chloride makes its way into ecosystems by running off from rain or through melting snow and ice, as well as through the splash and spray of vehicles that drive on treated road surfaces. It is a general fact that the more rock salt you will apply, it will worsen the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in alternative ice melt products requiring you to use much less chlorine.

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Calcium Chloride is the Perfect Choice for Concrete:

I hope now you have understood that calcium chloride is the best concrete safe ice melt safe. Those lower practical working temperatures prevent ice melt from refreezing—the exerting pressure on definite causes broken down. The exothermic and hygroscopic nature of this concrete-safe ice melt product can be applied in a less quantity. It reduces the impact you already have on the environment and decreases the severity of any subterranean corrosion.


  • It is affordable and cost-friendly.
  • Calcium Chloride is available as pellets, flakes, liquid, and powder.
  • This product forms a brine to lower freezing point while producing heat to melt ice.
  • It is used for multiple purposes.
  • Eco Garden Calcium Chloride Snow and Ice Melt are effective in temperature as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It is the perfect choice for concrete.


  • The seals on bags turn out ineffective sometimes.
  • It can kill plant life if applied with too heavy quantity.
  • Eco Garden Calcium Chloride Snow and Ice Melt reduces oxygen levels and can kill aquatic life if it leaks into waterways.


 Cold, Chilled winter temperatures already with us, and Christmas is also coming. Therefore, it is the best time for you to stock up on your ice melting supplies. You must move away from using the traditional rock salt you've always relied on in the past because it is harmful to the environment and for your loved ones as well. 

The chances are high that by using it continuously, you're doing more harm than good. Eco Garden Calcium Chloride Snow and Ice Melt is the best concrete safe ice melt if you have concrete driveways, walkways, and pavers. It is right time you made the switch to the more effective, concrete-safe, and cost-friendly calcium chloride for safety purposes.   


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