The Best Wonderfully Weird Home Decor Picks

The Best Wonderfully Weird Home Decor Picks

It’s easy to decorate your home off the shelf if you want cookie-cutter themes. 

But what about those of us who love to be different?

Standing out doesn’t have to mean you fill your home with memorabilia from your favorite movie or a past era. That’s becoming more cliche than unusual anymore.

Instead, if you want to be different and unique, see if any of these wonderfully weird home decor picks catch your attention.

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1. Christmas — and Whatever — Trees

You’ve heard the debate about whether Christmas lights should stay up outside the house all year long or not. Well, turning the focus to the Christmas tree instead solves the entire issue!

Calling it a “Christmas” tree is a bit of a misnomer, though. You can decorate these artificial trees for anything you choose. If you want to spruce up your tree for a holiday or a “just because” decor, that’s totally your call!

This unusual home decor trend has become so popular that there are websites dedicated to year-long tree designs

Some out-of-the-ordinary ways to use your artificial tree as decor throughout the year include themes such as:

Whatever your favorite holiday or activity is, turn it into decorations for your year-long Christmas tree. You might end up solving the "outside Christmas lights" argument in your neighborhood this year!

2. 3-D Wall Decor 

Floral and animal print wallpaper is making a major comeback, especially now that peel-and-stick paper is so accessible.

If you love the idea of filling your wall with something other than a plain color, but you want to be unique, swap out the print for 3-D decor.

There are two popular ways to do this. The first is to use actual 3-D wallpaper. This is a wall covering with images so clear and vivid that they look like they’re actually in your room.

The right 3-D wallpaper can make your room look much larger than it is. For instance, this futuristic piece is clean and sophisticated. The white balls look like they’re actually there. And the mirrors leading to the horizon line trick the eye into thinking there’s a large hallway in your living room!

The second way to create 3-D wallpaper is to use the actual item you want in your pattern. If your favorite animals are butterflies, make your own winged insects or buy a few sets of them and glue them on the wall in groups.

Whatever image you want on your wall, find an actual replica of that item. Buy it or make it in bulk, and adhere each one to your wall in a pattern that resembles a wallpaper panel.

The key is not to go overboard. Check out a few wallpaper patterns, find one you like, and try to recreate it in a 3-D fashion. 

Remember, like any knickknack; these will be dust collectors. The more you hang on your wall, the more you have to clean!

3. Pet Decor

Do you own your pet, or do they own you? 

Be honest.

If you’re one of the many animal lovers that rearrange their schedule around your pet’s routine and comfort, you might love pet decor.

It’s not just “any pet.” That would be too normal. Plaster your beloved pet’s personalized portrait all over your place!

You can find just about anything that is personalizable today.

Load your favorite pictures on things like:

  • Your blanket and bed linens

  • Throw pillows

  • Wallpaper

  • Customized portraits

  • Refrigerator magnets

Don’t forget to extend the love for your pet to the outside of your house. Doormats, door wreaths, and fences are just waiting for that personalized touch.

4. Animal Themed

Sticking with the animal theme but avoiding the personal part, you can choose your favorite animal habitat.

Jungles, deserts, and tropical oases are easy to recreate inside your home. You’re probably not going to get the climate or the live animals, but you can fake the visual and sound aspects.

Start with a wallpaper mural of the habitat you chose. For instance, a jungle mural would be full of trees and animals like snakes, monkeys, and a tiger or two. 

Next, find some plants that would grow naturally in the habitat you picked. Make sure they can thrive inside your home, too. Orchids and passion flowers grow in the jungle, but they're easy to care for inside.

Home decor can include pictures, knickknacks, and furniture in the shape of your favorite animal in the habitat. This is definitely a chance to be creative!

Finish your theme off with the sounds found in the ecosystem you’ve created. If you have Bluetooth or speakers piped throughout your home, download a soundscape. Play it gently in the background any time you want to feel transported into your new world.

5. Hodge-Podge Decor

One of the most popular interior decor themes today is the Bohemian look. It's a mix of particular style elements that combine to make an unconventional room.

You can use this idea, combined with your own personal style, to come up with a hodge-podge of decor. However, in order to make this eclectic mix enjoyable and not jarring to your brain, it needs to be consistent.

Keep these tips in mind as you are decorating your home:

  • Pick a color palette to guide you and stick to it. Having too many colors, especially when they’re loud, can stress your brain.

  • Use different textures, but layer them together instead of using them individually.

  • Mix vintage and modern accessories if you’d like, but pick one main style. Do you want your theme to be cozy and comfortable or contemporary and modern? Pick furniture and decor that meet your goal.

Hodge-podge and Bohemian decor are fun ways to show off your personality. But there’s a line between eclectic and eccentric. Unless you’re looking for a more unconventional style, keep your room’s decor cohesive.


When you’re looking for ways to show your free-spirited personality, your home’s decor is the perfect canvas. Use these ideas to boost your creative juices and get your wonderfully weird side on!


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