The Cbdistillery Vs Nuleaf Naturals: Which One Is Better For Anxiety Relief?

The Cbdistillery Vs Nuleaf Naturals: Which One Is Better For Anxiety Relief?

This is a reality: Many people would use CBD oil to help ease anxiety, while 35% would consider it for pain management.

From hundreds of reviews from users about the CBDs for anxiety relief, this article review is what we have collected for you about these 2 best CBD Oil to relieve anxiety. Stay tuned!

The Cbdistillery

According to many reviewers, the full spectrum tinctures are your best bet here.

For many users, CBDistillery is the clear winner. It’s got a good reputation and has been mentioned time and time again in the press, but those accolades come from nowhere. The company was founded by a group of Colorado locals who sought to bring high-quality, fairly priced products to all who want them, in addition to doing outreach and public education.

CBDistillery offers multiple potencies of CBD oil tincture, starting at 500 mgs for $32, all the way up to 5000 mgs for $210. You can use the dropper to take it under your tongue, or add it to food and drink. (It’s supposed to be flavorless, though does reportedly have a fairly potent hemp scent.) The company also offers full spectrum CBD tinctures, which differ slightly from oil in that they are liquid extracts of hemp combined with alcohol, vegetable glycerin, or oil.

I use CBDistillerey. Full spectrum oil is the way to go for anxiety but I do have to warn you that there IS and [SIC] effect you feel from it. It’s like a calm feel over your body that rids the anxiety and might make you a tiny bit drowsy in larger doses but that’s just how CBD is and it’s not anywhere near the same as smoking weed and getting high. My best method for killing my constant anxiety is 1-3 drops under the tongue of 500mg full spectrum 15ml tincture 3-4 times daily and I have to say it works wonders for me — and I was skeptical at first. Definitely give it a try cause tbh the effects of CBD like drowsiness or a slight high feel are nowhere near as bad as they will be smoking regular weed or taking prescription anxiety meds. I stand by my CBD oil.


Nuleaf Naturals

Though on the pricier side, it’s totally organic and free from additives and preservatives.

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD oils, NuLeaf Naturals is a name you’re going to see a lot. Their products are totally organic and free from additives and preservatives, a fact confirmed by the site MarijuanaBreak, whose reviewers wrote that Nuleaf’s oil was indeed top quality.

It’s true that NuLeaf is pretty hard on your wallet. The least expensive option is the 240mg bottle that retails for $38.50 and contains about 100 drops. The price tag ratchets up incrementally from there, topping out at 4850 mg (2000 drops) for $439.
Also, reviewers often don’t love the taste, which has been described as “strong,” but that’s because NuLeaf oil doesn’t contain artificial flavours. 

I love nuleaf naturals. It works for my postpartum depression and anxiety.

nuleaf def superior imo if u can afford it, and it’s not even close.. green mountain offers the most bang for ur buck tho

Well I’ve been on it for a year now and I’ve tried about 6 others because of the price difference and I always go back to nuleaf. It seems to take less of nuleaf than any of the others even though the amount of cbd is the same.



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CBDistillery Review – Is it worthwhile to try?

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