The Most Popular Time Of Year For Dating Sites

The Most Popular Time Of Year For Dating Sites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Especially for dating sites. Activity logs across numerous location-based dating apps show that users log in more during the holidays, particularly between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

So, why is this? And what do the trends tell us about user activity on sites like Dating Mentor or other match-making apps? We break down some common users’ behaviors during the festivities and look at the best dating sites to use if you’re hoping to have a holiday fling.

How to Use Dating Sites During the Holidays?

The holidays have a way of putting things in perspective. We usually gather with our family or peers and have a regular schedule of parties to attend. This means one thing – there’s a ton of holiday dates to arrange.

Although there are plenty of perfectly merry singletons out there, some people feel awkward attending gatherings alone. Others may feel pressure to have someone to kiss on New Year’s Eve or just want to take advantage of the time off work and enjoy some romance. Whatever the case, it pays to use dating sites during the holidays.

Statistics show that activity across online dating sites shoots up over the festive period – from just after Thanksgiving all the way up to Valentine’s Day. This varies slightly depending on which app you use, but the upward trend is generally quite steady across different sites. Site operators report a 25-30% increase in user activity during this time.

Location-based apps, like Grindr and Tinder, report leaps in user engagement during the Christmas holidays. Meanwhile, dating statistics by age suggest that over 40% of Americans over 40 would like to develop closer social networks and better connections with others. With a good portion of people in this age range active on dating sites, it’s not only young people who are likely to find a match.

Why Are Holiday Dating Sites So Popular?

Why does all this frantic activity raise around the holidays? Statistical trends show a peak over the festive period, which is unmatched in any other season. It turns out, there are a few common reasons for this:

  • Christmas Party Anxiety

No one wants to feel pitied when attending a Christmas party. Whether you’re celebrating with your loved-up friends or going home to see family, single people can often become a talking point – even if you love your single life! This can be judged and cause people to head to online dating sites and look for party dates. While it might not lead to lasting love, it can be fun to hook up with a stranger and get drunk on free booze together at the office shindig!

  • The Old Flame

Heading back to your childhood home over the holidays? For many people, this is a chance to rekindle a spark with an old flame. Whether this is an ex-boyfriend from your teenage years or a will-they-won’t-they neighbor, there’s a good chance you’ll find each other on dating sites.

  • Holiday Blues

Even if you like being single, the holidays can feel lonely. Holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas are generally seen as times to celebrate family and togetherness. If you’re single and hoping to have a family someday – as many people using dating sites are – the holidays can feel melancholy.

Many people feel that they haven’t hit certain milestones, like marriage and kids, and this can be especially intense during the holidays. With social media sites flooded with images of happy families and Christmas wishes from happy couples, it’s no wonder people feel an extra push to meet the one. Fear not! Dating apps can help you turn your holiday blues into something constructive and give you the motivation you need to update your profile.

  • Festive Fun

Some online dating users simply think the holidays are a great excuse to have some festive fun! After all, you’ve got some time off work and a license to drink and party as much as you want. Why not seek out some attractive strangers to share the holiday mood with?

  • Valentine’s Day Pressure

The fear of being alone on Valentine’s Day has long been instilled in our culture. People dread going out to eat or fear of being surrounded by couples and just hope they make it through February without seeing a picture of their loved-up ex online. Valentine’s Day can spur a spike in dating app users who are sincerely looking to start relationships.

Romance tends to be on people’s minds in a big way as February 14th approaches. While Christmas singletons might be more interested in a casual fling than a lasting love, Valentine’s Day brings out a different crowd. Users on sites around Valentine’s Day tend to be more interested in finding a serious commitment than a night of fun.

  • Dark Winter Nights

Even without the holiday pressure, the winter can be depressing. People are more likely to look for a partner in winter because there are fewer social activities going on outside of the holidays. More time spent indoors also offers fewer opportunities for casual interaction, making online spaces more important and more lively during the winter months.


Finding love online during the holidays is the stuff of rom-com movie magic. So, it’s nice to know that, during the holidays, this might be more likely than at any other time of year. Put away your ugly Christmas sweater and throw on your glam gear – you’ve got a date!

Final Call: Do you worry about being single during the holidays? Do you regularly use online dating sites? Are you more likely to log in during the holidays? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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