The Process Of Choosing Replacement Windows And Doors

The Process Of Choosing Replacement Windows And Doors


Unlike in the past, where homeowners chose windows and doors only depending on size, there is more today. People consider other essential factors like energy efficiency to lower the cost of energy bills. Aesthetics and the window material also matter a lot when it comes to window selection.

Choosing the style and design of the window can be challenging because of the many windows in the market. Once you decide about window replacement, this guide will help you choose the right window or door for your home. Also, whether you decide to hire an installer or showcase your DIY skills, that is your choice to make. But before you decide on door and window replacement, check out these signs in your windows and doors Oakville.

  1. Signs That Shows It Is Time to Replace Your Windows And Doors

  1. Single Paned Glass

Most old homes have single-paned glass that is cracked or almost coming off. This glass type cannot block the entry and exit of hot and cold air from the house, so the temperatures in your home keep changing. To make the place comfortable, you have to leave your HVAC system on, which leads to a lot of energy consumption. Window technology has changed and manufacturers are now making more beautiful and energy efficient double and triple-paned windows. You would want to consider these ones when doing window replacement.

  1. Poor Condition

Windows and doors have a certain lifespan too and when it lapses, you have to replace them. Cracked glass panes and worn-out frames pave the way for water leaks and humidity problems. Crawling insects also find their way into the house, posing a danger to the family members. If you notice cracked panes and rotten frames, it is time to replace them.

  1. Your Window Compromises Your Home’s Security

Besides entry doors, intruders and burglars use broken windows to get into your house. If you notice that your window is hard to close and open, consider replacing it. Choose a new and complex lock system for the new window to keep intruders away.

  1. Choosing a Frame

Wood is the most common window frame, and most people think that it is the only option. The truth is, although wood is preferred by many, there are better window frames than it. When choosing a frame, look at its energy efficiency and aesthetics. These are the other common frame materials.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is slightly cheaper than wood, but it has good characteristics. A good vinyl frame that is properly installed can be a good choice for energy efficiency. The frame comes with well-insulated glass with airtight construction to ensure there is no heat exchange. One disadvantage with vinyl is that the frame is limited in color choices and cannot be repainted.

  1. Wood

Wood is the standard window frame, and most people prefer it because of its natural finishing. This frame also offers good insulation features, increases your home’s curb appeal, and is durable. However, this frame is prone to moisture because it rots when exposed. Therefore, if your home is in moist environments, this is not the best frame to buy.

  1. Aluminum

Although this is not the best material for blocking heat exchange, aluminum is still a good frame material. It is sturdy and durable and does not require a lot of maintenance. These frames are suitable for houses in hurricane-affected areas because they are strong enough.

  1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass frames offer the best energy-efficient Oakville windows and doors. These frames are very sturdy and durable and have a high-energy efficiency rating. Fiberglass frames are also easy to care for, and they do not fade or warp.

  1. Glass Options

Buy a double or triple-paned glass. The low-E with vacuum-sealed argon offers insulation all the time, hence lower energy bills. Although the glass types are costly, they are worth the investment.

  1. Installation

Most homeowners are tempted to DIY on the replacement Oakville windows and doors. It is not advisable because if wrongly installed, these energy-efficient windows will not perform effectively. Hire a well-experienced and skilled contractor to do the installation. Ensure they do the flashing and caulking correctly because these two also determine how your windows will be energy efficient.

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