The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Offices

The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Offices

Freelancers and non-traditional businesses who still want some commodities of traditional office space should look no further – a virtual office is an answer to all their questions. To learn more about virtual offices, what they can offer, and are they the right choice for you, just keep reading.

What Is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Office

Virtual offices are a brilliant solution for any freelancer or business owner who needs a flexible workspace. What you'll get with a virtual office is the functionalities of a traditional office (space, services, technology) without the burden of expenses and leasing that come with it.

Nowadays, many startups, small and medium businesses, as well as freelance workers opt for virtual offices while working remotely.

Overall, virtual offices provide the following:

  • Virtual business address
  • A business number
  • Mail handling service
  • Workspace when you need it
  • Conference rooms when you need them
  • A receptionist or virtual assistants
  • Onsite amenities
  • Other benefits (events, digital community, etc.)

All these elements work towards giving you the complete feel of working in an office without any unnecessary expenses or expansions. 

Growth of Virtual Offices

The origin of virtual offices is hard to track down precisely. The idea of a virtual office dates back to the early 1970s. However, this model began to flourish in the 1990s accompanying technological advances and more independent workers.

Skip forward to 2020 when the need for virtual offices is bigger than ever. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people start working from home.

Businesses and freelancers had to give up their brick-and-mortar business and coworking spaces to find a more suitable solution.

Johnathan Keller, a freelance writer and contributor writer at TrustMyPaper shared that, “As people get used to the "new normal," virtual offices are slowly becoming a go-to solution for London workers. I am also a strong advocate for virtual offices. They provide all functionalities that a remote worker needs.”

With each year, more people gravitate towards remote work. In fact, the number of remote workers has grown by 140% in the last 15 years. What this means for virtual offices is that the demand will continue to rise.

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

By now, you’ve probably attained a general picture of what a virtual office is and how it functions. However, sharing information about the characteristics and functionalities of a virtual space might not be enough to fully explain how it all works.

To help you get a better idea of what a virtual office can provide you with, let's imagine and take a look at a week in the life of a virtual office member. Through this example, you'll be able to discover the amenities and services of a virtual office and realize how a virtual office can benefit a remote worker.

  • Monday

Working at home is more enjoyable than I thought. I get to work from the comfort of my study. I get to take my kids to school, drive them back, and get my work done in the meantime.

It’s so great that I don’t have to deal with office management anymore. I love this cheap virtual office solution. No more paying the cleaning service, renting the space, repairing the printer…


Today I have an important meeting. I have to get together with my team to go through our last week's accomplishments, prioritize this week's assignments. We also need to cover the general goals for the upcoming year.

If everything goes as planned, I will have to hire some new employees. It feels nice not to worry about the office space as my company is growing.


It felt great seeing everybody yesterday but today I’m working from home. There’s so much we have to do so there’s no time to waste.

One of the team members had had an internet outage, but he is headed to use a discounted hot desk. I think that he’ll be even better off there as they have super-fast internet. There will be no complaints about the internet slowing down his work. With that tasty coffee within his reach, I expect extra productivity from him today.

  • Thursday

I can’t seem to figure out how to improve the optimization on my website. It seems to me that I’ve done everything I can, but still, I feel that I can do more.

Now, here's an SEO expert with a good idea. I'll give her advice a try and see how it goes. This digital community really comes in handy when I need quick advice. I never thought that a virtual office will connect me with other experts.

  • Friday

Friday is finally here. I’m rounding up my work for the week. Being a founder isn’t easy. There’s so much to think about and a ton of obligations to juggle. But I feel more confident when I have my virtual office with its great service and flexible terms. I finally managed to tailor the virtual office experience to the needs of my business and my team.

Speaking of the team, this reminds me, I have to book a meeting room once again. I want to discuss a new project with SupremeDissertations research paper writers. Welcoming them in the meeting room will make my company seem much more professional.

To sum up, what you can expect from a virtual office is:

  • A business address
  • Great locations
  • Mailing service
  • Discounted hot desks with superfast internet
  • Discounted meeting rooms
  • Break-out areas
  • Digital community
  • Amazing customer service

Is a Virtual Office Right For Me?

Determine whether a virtual office is a right choice for you by weighing the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Possess a registered business address for a much more affordable price.
  • Have the ability to work both remotely and in an office space.
  • Grow your company and adjust your needs without major expenses (such as renting new office space).
  • Retain face-to-face contact with your team by renting meeting spaces. This will ensure that you nourish the relationship with employees, collaborators, partners, etc.
  • Use the amenities of a virtual space, most often without any extra expenses.
  • Have the possibility to change your work environment and tackle your work obligations in virtual office space.
  • Hire the best talent from all over the world since the need for traveling will be eliminated.


  • Collaborating with your team virtually can lower the quality and efficiency of your communication.
  • Company culture in a virtual office is more difficult to nurture as everyone is working remotely and you lack daily face-to-face contact.

More Flexible Working Options

Virtual office space isn't the only option for non-traditional businesses and remote workers. It often offers flexible options that suit different work requirements:

  • Part-time office share – For a low-cost solution without giving up any office amenities opt for part-time office share with another team. Have an office space for 2-3 days a week.
  • Private offices – Give your team a “work home” with customizable office space. Private offices are available for teams of up to 40 members.
  • Hot desks – Get super fast internet service and networking possibilities with hot desk membership.
  • Dedicated desks – Have a desk for yourself and enjoy the feel of a co-working environment. This option is perfect for freelancers and remote workers who want to be a part of a community.
  • Scale-up space –They can get all-inclusive essentials and the best service without dealing with an office lease.


Give Virtual Office a Try

What drives a growing number of remote workers and business to virtual offices is their ability to fulfill different requirements. We can make sure that every individual has an enjoyable place to work and all necessary services needed to successfully run a business. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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