[Tips 2019] Best Time For Black Friday Shopping

[Tips 2019] Best Time For Black Friday Shopping

Choosing the right time to shop on Black Friday is the tips to buy the most suitable product and save a considerable account.

The closer to Black Friday, the more bustling the atmosphere preparing for shopping is. Promotional programs, brochures, emails introducing discounted products … appear everywhere, which makes people not really interested in shopping also attracted. If you do not have much shopping experience on Black Friday, you can refer to best times for Black Friday shopping below.

Hunt discounted products as soon as possible

Black Friday discounts

Are you waiting until Black Friday 2019 to buy discounted items? In recent years, to welcome Black Friday, many businesses and retail stores have introduced the Early Black Friday sale with the preferential prices no less than Black Friday. People with shopping experience often choose the occasion of Early Black Friday sale to shop because at this time, the number of buyers is not too crowded, the goods are rich in colors and categories for you to choose. If you wait until the right Black Friday day, maybe the products with the right style and size are gone.

Big shopping malls are where Black Friday takes place most bustling, with the deals of most of the stalls here. Some fashion brands also offer early discounts, starting about 3 to 5 days before Black Friday. During this time, you can refer to Lemino, apply a super discount program up to 70% for all products at stores nationwide, including 70% discount for leather wallets, women’s shoes sold with 70% discount … Samsonite also apply the 50% discount program.

Back Friday programs are also taking place vibrantly at many commercial sales sites such as such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Target… These retailers announced the program from 3-5 days before the discount. You should spend time on the website to consult the price of each product, compare on each product to choose the best selling place.
That starting purchases early before Black Friday actually takes place will help you avoid the crowded, cramped situation on this shopping day.

Shop after Black Friday, why not?

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is not the only day for discounted purchases. At the end of this November, in all countries, the discount program does not end on a Black Friday but continues to last until Saturday and Sunday and Cyber Monday so that consumers can have more time to consider and choose the appropriate products.

You can also refer to some of the golden hours that shoppers choose to buy Black Friday products, especially technology purchases, at the best prices:

eBay: open at 3 – 4 am EST (8 – 9 am GMT)
Amazon: open at 3 am EST (8 am GMT)
Walmart: open at 3 am EST (8 am GMT)
Best Buy: open at 3:01 am EST (8:21 am GMT)

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