Tips For A Thrilling And Surprising LGBT Soulmate On Your First Date

Tips For A Thrilling And Surprising LGBT Soulmate On Your First Date


The first date with your soulmate is the most important in your life. It has to be memorable. Two of you should have fun but also get some time to talk and bond. We’ll give 5 tips that will help you plan the best date in your entire life. 


Prove You Listened Carefully Online (or What Your Friends Said)

People want to be heard, which shows listeners respect them. The most common ways of meeting partners for lesbians and other LGBT members is through friends or online dating sites. In the first case, ask friends for details about the person they’re setting you up with. Ask specific questions so that you can surprise your soulmate on a date. For example, ask what her favorite flower or color is. Then show up wearing something of that color or bring a bouquet of her favorite flowers as a surprise. You must be thinking, what if I show up wearing her favorite color and she wears it too because that is her favorite? That will cause a good laugh and break the awkwardness that usually joins a couple at the beginning of the first date.

In the second scenario, where you meet your soulmate on a dating site, the approach is different. You can’t be as direct. Of course, singles on sites like that chat a lot and ask many questions, but to find material for surprising your partner, you have to be clever. Be subtle, read between the lines. While chatting online, look for indirect clues. For example, if she mentions she misses her hometown and would love to sit under the tree where she had her first kiss, take her there for your first date. But don’t tell her where you are going, that will be a wonderful surprise.


Show Interest for Her Passion, That Will Thrill Her

We like people who are similar to us, who share our passions. That’s how humans are wired. It helped us survive in the past; now it helps to find friends and partners. People end up in a relationship with someone who shares a lot of their interests. That means you and your soulmate will have a lot in common anyway. Still, there will be differences. She’ll like things you don’t care about and vice versa.

When you first meet, you’ll jump to topics both of you like and bond quickly thanks to them. However, singles cover many topics on the first date, so she’ll mention her other interests. Those you don’t care about. That’s your chance to do the right thing and thrill your soulmate. Ask follow-up questions about topics you aren’t familiar with. You’ll notice a spark in her eyes because people get thrilled when they get a chance to talk about their passions. We’re not suggesting you should fake interest in topics you don’t care about. Just keep an open mind and listen to your date.


Show Up Looking Like Million Bucks

Looks shouldn’t be the most important factor in choosing a soulmate because you aren’t looking for a soulmate. You’re looking for someone attractive. That doesn’t mean you can let yourself go and walk around looking like dog poo—especially when preparing for the first date with your soulmate. Try to look as good as possible and use the advice we gave in the first paragraph to make sure you’ll hit the sweet spot. Ask your friends what your date likes or read between the lines while chatting on a dating site.


Go Dancing in a Bar for Straight Singles

This will be a surprise for your soulmate and everybody else in a bar. Nobody would expect an LGBT couple to spend the first date in a bar for straight singles. When you start dancing, you’ll attract a lot of attention. That will make you feel special, and you’ll get a first-date story that will kill it at every party.


Get The 1st Edition of Her Favorite Book

Everybody has a favorite book. Even people who never read the whole book know their favorite, or at least they’re guessing. This tip is much easier to apply if you and your soulmate meet online because that will give you time to talk about different stuff before going on the first date. Books are easy to implement in a conversation, so you won’t have trouble finding out your partner’s favorite book. Finding the 1st edition of that book might be a challenge, but if you show up on a first date with a gift like that - you win. It will surprise and thrill your soulmate at the same time; you’ll show you listen and care. In the end, that’s what’s important.

Finding a perfect partner isn’t a simple task, but when you do, you should do everything in your power to keep her by your side. Advice from this article will help you do that from the very start of your relationship, your first date.



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