Tips How To Organize A Peaceful Protest

Tips How To Organize A Peaceful Protest


Violence, injustices, and racism cases seem to flood our news every day. Such issues prompt activists to react in order to bring change to the world. What is a nonviolent protest? How can you manage a peaceful protest? Is protesting effective?

Peacefully protest


The process of performing a perfectly peaceful protest takes a lot of planning and strategy. Through research and the help of online essays on police brutality, historical peace protests, and much more, we have made this article to help you plan the perfect nonviolent protest. You can also access the free essays online to learn more about the topics discussed in this article as a teacher or a student.

Aspects of a Non-organized and Organized Protest

Organized protests make up a peaceful protest; they are planned out and carefully executed to pass information without violence. However, non-organized protests typically end up turning into riots; they are not well planned out nor well-executed. Here are some tips on how to organize a protest.


Gather a group of like-minded people, provide them with the reasons as to why you want to protest and why they should join you. After convincing them to come and protest with you, make sure you exchange contacts to update them on any emerging issue.



Generate a form of leadership for your group or opt for a nonhierarchical structure. You can then define the goals of your protest with the help of your fellow protestors. Clearly define who your audience will be.



Your protest should comply with the place, time, and manner of restriction; you should also hold it in a public forum. Make sure you do not prevent other events, demonstrations, or block doors during your protest. To know all this, you must communicate with the school's administration before you hold the demonstration.

Know your Rights

Ensure you read through your rights as a protester together with your fellow protestors and make sure you abide by them. Please review all the possible outcomes of breaking civil laws and how to cope with them.


Now it is time to speak out, talk about all the burning issues that brought on the need for a protest, let your voice be heard, and make a change.

Peaceful Protest in History that Made a Difference


Women’s Suffrage Parade of 1913

Inez Milholland was the leader of this protest back on March 13, 1913. The protest aimed to bring attention to the many issues that surround women's rights.

The Medal Heard Around the World

Back in 1968, Olympic medalists John Carlos and Tommie Smith did an incredible protest remembered to date. After receiving their medals, instead of celebrating, they used the platform to bring awareness to racial inequality in the world.

The Singing Revolution

In 1987, right after the Soviet Union had taken control of Estonia and outlawed most symbols that described the pride of Estonia. Citizens of the country took to the streets and demonstrated, singing the countries national songs. They used their voices and eventually scared the soviets away, regaining a free country.


Conflict of Order

In 494 BC, plebeians who were lower-class Romanian citizens took to the streets to protest peacefully against the government's social structure of that time. The patricians, who gained their positions through birth, were favored by the system, leaving plebeians to suffer. In 287 BC, the government changed the system.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s March on Washington

On August 26, 1263, more than two hundred thousand people took to the streets to protest on matters regarding freedom, jobs, injustice, and racial inequalities. The protest took place in Washington and was led by Martin Luther King.

The national school walkout led by students protesting gun violence in the USA, Florida, is another example of a peaceful protest that worked in the 21st century.  The protest occurred one month after seventeen people died in a shot out that happened in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The students walked out of class, and lawmakers joined the protest requesting gun control legislation.

Police Brutality during a Protest

Police always tend to respond to any protest, peaceful or otherwise. They are trained to stop violence at all costs, however, they sometimes tend to be brutal. To avoid such cases ensure your protest is peaceful. You can also come with a lawyer for reassurance.



Protests are a great way to bring about change and undersation; however, the more peaceful the protest is, the better. I hope this article will help you plan a successful nonviolent protest.




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